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  1. I predict 4.8" or 5.0" screen so that it wasn't too shabby from Galaxy Note greatest 5.3" screen. This also can be the selling point luring more ppl craving and buy into it. 12MP or 8MP camera with 2/3" or 1/1.7" BSI sensor with 2~3X optical internal zoom. 1.5GB ram, 16GB internal, card slot + OTG. 32/64GB internal no card slot + USB-OTG. Touch Wizard 5 with Desktop Lanscape mode, my preferred UI over any others UI.
  2. Not sure what happened to your Galaxy S2 + router combination. My S2 definitely much faster than my Galaxy TAB. See below pictures for reference. Btw, I'm on Singapore Singtel Fibre OpenNet, connected my both devices 12 feets away.
  3. Yesterday tested H.263 DIVX codec AVI video files playback normally. Not so for RM or RMVB codec. Btw, Samsung TV Remote TAB from Market also work normally after my 3D LED TV and Galaxy TAB connected to the same wireless router. But I wouldn't use my Galaxy TAB as a remote as my 3D LED TV remote control look much more gorgeous and slimmer. :lol:
  4. So far I've only tested it worked with H.264 coding mp4 video. The mkv format wouldn't play whether I launch the video playback from my Galaxy Tab or my 3D LED TV.
  5. 2 days ago, I've successfully tested the Galaxy TAB AllShare function connecting to my new Samsung 46" 3D LED TV (UA46C7000). Using the free given USB Wi-Fi dongle (and a free HDMI v1.4 cable too) that come with my new 3D Blu-Ray Player (BD6900), plugged it into the TV and connecting to my home Wi-Fi router access was a breeze. After key-in the Wi-fi passcode using the on-screen keyboard of the 3D LED TV and launch the AllShare function on the TV and Galaxy TAB, the setup is all done within a minute or 2. During the AllShare connection, I can launch either from the 3D LED TV or Galaxy TAB to playback those MP4, MP3 or pictures files that stored in my Galaxy TAB. Before this great thing happening, I was thinking of buying into Galaxy TAB Multimedia Dock Station, a HDMI v1.3 Type C and an audio cables for doing the same job I wanted. Now I does not require them anymore. I'm contented and a very happy man now. :lol: :)
  6. Hal05, Thanks for your compliments! I've think with these 2 case I'm good for different ocassion. Btw, I saw the web link of, www.vivacreation.com, on my VIVA case package. But even with that link still no luck, couldn't see any new phone case since Omnia II. My best guess, they did not update their website since last year. If you're in Singapore you can contact Viva case distributor, KJC Technologies Pte Ltd 1 Genting Lane #07-03 Singapore 349544 Tel: (65) 6286 0550 Or maybe you can find other country distributor from here, http://www.vivacreation.com/main.html I upload my VIVA GALAXY TAB SERIES Vercaso Collection plastic package photos below for your reference,
  7. Maybe you can try VIVA case or this Silicone Gel Hard Back Case Stand I having both of them, 1 for casual, 1 for elegance. :)
  8. So sorry to both of you as I didn't aware of 2 postings. I bought mine VIVA case at Singtel Galaxy TAB launch event night. As the queue was too long when I decided to go ahead for one, so I've ended bought mine at Singtel Comcentre buidling Hello Shop. Both of you may want to try there. Hopefully there's still stock of it.
  9. You mean you dropped it in the toilet bowl? Oh my... that's smelly I suggest you should drop it into washer & dryer before retest it. :P
  10. I've never take serious pictures with my old SGS. I always prefer to take good pictures with my DC with great optical zoom & great TTL flash support. So now my old SGS was with my wife, she managed to take dark pictures with keychain flash. Alternately she used a compact LED torch in her handbag for very dark and at a distance pictures. Lancez buddy, I suggest you could do likewise. :D
  11. Great to know that you actually bought a Samsung Capticate buddy. It's a fine piece of phone compare to others around. Finally you too buying into Android OS phone. Although they wasn't as exciting as the old WinMo where we can tweak a lot, but that's save us lots of precious time for other things in our everyday life. :D
  12. Bro, I had no idea too. Samsung didn't release the changed log.
  13. OK just got them re-uploaded. Samsung Galaxy TAB Singtel Promo Party 26/11/2010 2nd video, "When Fashion Meets Music" portion, Samsung Galaxy TAB Singtel Promo Party - When Fashion Meets Music Part 1 Samsung Galaxy TAB Singtel Promo Party - When Fashion Meets Music Part 2
  14. Here's the latest Singtel-Samsung GALAXY TAB promo party. Korean pop star Se7en live performance at Singtel-Samsung GALAXY TAB "When Fashion meets Music" party 26/11/2010. A 720p HD video with my Galaxy S. (I was in a rush this time and forgotten to bring my digital camera to take better video) Enjoy! :P Se7en at Singtel-Samsung GALAXY TAB party - 720p HD
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