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  1. Forgive my ignorance, but this is a pre-release free version of Coreplayer? It is more tha 4-5 years old? Why not simply use the latest version of Coreplay (1.36 I think) which should be running fine in O2?
  2. Hi All, There are a coupleof threads here discussing WIFI problems with 6.5 The nature of the problem is that WIFI would disappear from the list of netwroks and can't be activated. This can be becaused by changing a registry value for some minor fix (e.g. showing setting in start menu, etc.) and any number of program conflict. My experience is that there is no application that cause this all the time. However, I learnt that SKTOOLS would fix it. I followed the suggestion of a poster in one of these WIFI threads to use (advance) clean. and it works. If you have this installed, do advance clean and delete everything it finds, cold reboot and WIFIis back. So, now whenever I need to turn the phone off I do SKTOOLS advance clean first and turn it off. Then WIFI is there next time I turn it on. I am using WM6.5 JD. I have not had a hang in two days since I falshed to this firmware. Fingers crossed. Hope this helps. EDIT: Well this fix works approx 2/3 of the time. EDIT 2: Sometimes, advance cleaning needs to be done twice. Do it one and then select rescan, delelte all then switch off and switch on. So far it has worked fine. EDIT3: Flashed to Secany's latest rom IK1. So far no WIFI disapprearing probelm even under the same program set up that would have caused problem in earlier roms.
  3. I spoke too soon. WIFI is gone again and no amount of resets would bring it back. This is ridiculous. This is supposed to be the public release version of 6.5 (IJ9). I am going back to 6.1
  4. I flashed to Secany's IJ 9 and started to experience this problem of WIFI disappearing. So far I identified the follwoign problems that seem to cause this. Magic button Wktask SK tools (all recent versions) SPB traveller There may be more... Unistalling these resurrected WIFI. Maybe these programs need to be updated to 6.5 and may not necessarily be a fault with the Samsung rom.
  5. This is strange as I am satisfied with the sound output level. I am using the supplied Samsung earphone at volume level 3 or 4 and this is gives rich bass and loud volume for all the frequencies. If you are using touch player, perhaps the volume on the player is set at a low level. I think the default is 6 or 7/10. I have this at 10 and control volume with volume rocker. Hope this helps.
  6. This is not true. Omnia II will happily accept any 3.5" earphone. However, as the omnia socket allows mike input as well as two sound output (L&R) the included adaptor plug has three 'rings'. So, normal earphone can be used for sound output, but you need to talk into the phone's mike when have a phone conversation. That's all.
  7. I bought my Omnia II from the same seller. I emailed via ebay to ask him a question and he sent a paypal invoice with a slightly lower than ebay listed pice. Since I had a one two many drinks that night, it didn't coour to me that this would be a transaction outside of ebay. I paid the invoice via paypal and then I suddenly realized that this could be a serious mistake. However, the Fedex dilivery arrived 2 days later and the box was shrink wrapped although the actual seals were broken (many in this forum report the same broken seal). But the phone was new everything seemed to be untouched. Although it turned out to be OK, this was a mistake which I will not repeat. Never trust an ebay seller who offers to sell things outside of ebay.
  8. Yes I am using Wktask. Thanks for the tip. I would never have guessed. Thanks.
  9. Hi All I installed SPB MS3.5 over its immediate predesessor 3.01 Everything works fine (except for 3d effects on carrousel which I do not care much about). However, there is one annoying issue. Once in a while in the personal page screen nothing is responding and it seems the phone is frozen. However, when I press any hardware button that starts some app (e.g. call button, camera button) and come back to the main personal screen page everything works again. Did anyone else experience this besides me? I am contemplating going back to 3.01 (less bells and whistles, but reliable) Regards,
  10. hkcu>software>microsoft>inbox>MsgTypes>IPM>SMStext>DLL put "htmlnote.dll" in place of mms.dll do the similar for others :D
  11. Hi Thanks for the tip. I followed your instruction and the control panel correctly starts. The 5.1 channel tricks work and 3D effects work, but equalizer settings do not. I was wondering why SS didn't include this in the so called "All in one Phone". I know why now. It doesn't work 100% and they didn't bother fixing it up. I learnt from web searching that they have a replacement technology so R2VS is now obsolete and they didn't want to work on that anymore. But why didn't they include their new 3D programs in Omnia?????
  12. Hi, Funny, Mobile shell automatically installs onto device memory. If you somehow forced it to be installed onto storage card (perhaps moved the program with SKtools or similar), it will give you errors. So, you need to install in onto device memory, otherwise it will not work properly. Also, make sure your downloaded copy of skin is intact.
  13. Here it is. http://rapidshare.com/files/181227688/SamsungModem_vista.zip
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