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  1. i followed all the instructions above but it fell flat when i came to play a programme via the iplayer on my vario 2. When i tried to play it launched windows media player and i got a 'corrupt file or file not supported message' I tried to go back into opera then reload the iplayer page but then i got a 'your phone does not support BBC iplayer' message! any ideas how to get back to the iplayer webpages? (it worked previously) and then how do i get it streaming?
  2. got told today that the tmob shops arent getting any vario IV's till they've sold all their vario 3's
  3. I lost my hotmail and messenger client when I upgraded to windows mobile 6 via the tmobile website. It seemed this was part of the solution (minus the messenger) so I installed it yesterday. After loading it worked ok for the first sync but ever since then it has failed to snyc my emails. Anyone else found similar problems with it. Ive tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it but still have the same problem.
  4. is anyone else having problems with sky tv on tmobile. I tried accessing it tonight and was met with a message about pending payments!
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