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  1. Recently I noticed that the 'start call' and 'end call' buttons on my E650 had split, right where the light sensor is, in the middle of the bar which joins the two. Now when I press either of the buttons the split raises up above the other keys and is quite unsightly. I'm really hacked-off about it because the phone is immaculate and hasn't been dropped or bashed and I don't use it heavily. Anyway I've bought a replacement keypad from ebay - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=300198339039 - which I'm hoping to fit. I'm looking for a bit of advice beforehand though (particularly if you've replaced the keypad on a Vox before). Having looked at the HTC service manual at http://michael-channon.spaces.live.com/blo...8!272.entry it looks I either have to dismantle the entire phone, or that the keypad should prise off in an outwards and upwards kind of motion. Any views before I rip my keypad off? I'm not delighted by the prospect of dismantling the entire phone. I bought the phone on ebay about 4 months ago, it was brand new but is essentially someone else's unwanted contract upgrade phone, so I'm not sure where I would stand attempting a warranty repair with Orange. Although the last time I had a phone repaired with Orange it came back with dirt and fingerprints on the back of the screen, meaning I had to dismantle it myself to clean it!
  2. Nice one! I've been meaning to find that too, since my last hard reset a week ago. The irritating thing is that I have SK Tools, which has the option to disable the beep on call start, however it doesn't seem to work (for me anyway). Problem now solved though.
  3. Check out this other thread - http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...st&p=851387.
  4. There is a CAB for Windows Live at XDA Developers.
  5. I have a SanDisk 8Gb Micro SDHC card in my E650 - http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Item(2537)...roSDHC_8GB.aspx. It works fine.
  6. Beautiful, beautiful themes! Thanks for these Looby. I think I'll be using these themes for a long while too. I'm using Facade 1.2 and the theme works flawlessly!
  7. It was a similar story on my old M500, in which I had a 4Gb card. The camera application didn't recognise the card at all unless it had roughly 2Gb of free space or less. If the full 4Gb was free it didn't work. Having just checked my E650 again the only thing I've come across that doesn't recognise the full 8Gb is the 'My Phone' feature which appears on the Orange Home Screen. (Not a huge deal because I know most people here probably don't use it.)
  8. I've just put an 8Gb Sandisk card in my E650. Some apps don't appear to recognise the full 8Gb, but what the hell, they still work. I'm using SKTools as well and I've set the Start Menu to display in list view, instead of tiled icons. May not be to everyone's liking, but I think it is fairly smart. I'm also using Resco Explorer 2007, TomTom Mobile 5.2 and Microsoft Voice Command 1.6, which all add really great functionality to the phone. My old M500 had SPB Pocket Plus which was great for properly closing applications, is there any equivalent for WM6 Standard?
  9. Great program, many thanks Paul. A big improvement over the Orange styling! I have to confess though, I do like the Orange home screen arrangement, with the icons down the left-hand side. I'm not keen on the colours or styling though. On my E650 the Java application icon in the Start Menu appears as a large, lowercase 'e'. Is that intentional?
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