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  1. hi, I have had my HTC Kaiser for a while, and knocked it about a bit, and it has a few chips and scratches in it's vinnear, but part form that it has spent most its time in a ADVERTISING SPAM leather slip in case. Anyway I took my kaiser out of my pocket today, and the display was a bright white with with slight darkening around like numbers on clock, it is obviously been flashed, and even more obvious if the device is restarted or the screen is fixed. So I am hoping that there is a way of setting the ROM back to stock, or at least if someone could point me in the right direction of the official T mobile 6.1 or even 6.0 for the Kaiser. PS: my phone is insured, first time I have felt glad about doing so. please help i hope i can get this sorted by tomorrow when I visit t-mobile.
  2. im sry but how do you do a hard reset without getting into windows mobile? also i cannot flash it as my PC cannot see the device, unless i can do it via SD card?
  3. hi, i just installed WM6.1 on my kaiser, i then installed today 2.1 so i could have the music tab. however that had to restart the device, but now it wont boot properly, i get past the modaco splash screen. it then shows the today screen (without the HTC today plugin) then instantly restarts. so i cant uninstall it. i can access it in windows what the hell can i do.please assit. it is insure but becasue it has been flashed i dont think i can take it back.
  4. i have the one with the pocket clip; i was looking for one without the clip but i couldnt really find one, i settled wiht the one with a clip and it hasnt been a poblem because the clip just goes on the outside of your pocket. it is the best case i hve seen no velcro or folding parts.
  5. hmm at the end of the 18month contract do they offer you a upgrade phone for free or for the price that you paid of the phone? (on top of contract)
  6. so far my kiaser has been very depnedable but recently its getting a bit bashed up, it works fine but asthetically its not in a good way, am i able to call in myu insureance on these grounds, i could say it was stolen, but im not a fruadster
  7. i know, i wanted to get skyfire beta but im outside US :(
  8. i have just installed the new opera mini for the Kaiser and i can only say that it sucks, this maybe becasue it is not properly supported you. firstly you have to open it from the midglet manager which is a pain becasue you can't set it to a hotkey (in my case the old WnW) midlet manager then asks you to if you want to allow access every time you anything at all. the gui doesnt even look that good as it is out of scheme with the rest of the PDA anyone else got a different experience. becasue IE mobile sucks
  9. My kiaser acting a bit wierd and i want to hard reset it so i can start from sratch. 1). i share my contact with outlook, when i resync it it will just put them back on the phone (or will it erase them from outlook? 2).will it keep infomation like who may phone service is? 3). will it keep all the defualt programs. Also how the hell do you reset it? thanks
  10. I love my kiaser but it starting to piss me off. firstly, (although i think this is T-mobile fault, for the fisrt time is saw the HSDPA logo in the corner of the screen, then it was gone before i could use it, then it was bac, and on off, on off ect my real problem, is that the clock on my kaiser doesnt update itself until it brought out of standby, if i turn it on i quickly see the clock update. this would be a problem, except the alarm no longer goes off, i must wake before it, not good. same apleis to the email which should check itsself every 5mins or so, bt instead, it just checks when i wake it up. Do you think this has happened bcause i installed the CUBE which is constantly runnign? should i hard reset it? if i should how do i do it, i never did it before, and i dont want to jack a pin into a mic or anything a bit of help please thanks
  11. can i use my kaiser a remote like i could on the vario? or doesnt it have IR? thanks
  12. i bought a htc mini usb out to Jack from ebay (somewhere from china) it took a while to arrive it not amazing, but it does trick and a cant complain @ £4
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