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  1. Looking for an app that will cleanly and simply import Contacts stored in a text file into Pocket Outlook on my Samsung BlackJack II. I exported them with "Export Contacts" v0.5 by www.wm-soft.com 0vZ into an XML document, but that app does not support importing. I have no problem wtih converting the XML document to a csv/tsv/etc but I need to know what app will help me suck the contacts back in. Anyone? Thanks.
  2. Apoliges if this is a re-post. I need to enter brackets and braces and can't figure out how. How can I enter those and other special characters on a BlackJack II keyboard? Thanks.
  3. I have used the latest Widows Live for Windows Mobile for a few months. Now there are way too many locations in the list of places I've searched, and I want to get rid of some of them. I have my home, my work, and 2 other places that I want to keep, but every place that I've GPS's to is also in there, which is nuts. How can I clear locations without dumping the cache completely? Will deleting the cache even work at all? Thanks.
  4. Well, I know I do. :D I tried putty on my BlackJack II, but it appears to run on a PocketPC only. So, what can SmartPhone owners do in 2008 to get SSH functionality fro Windows Mobile 6? Thanks.
  5. Did I miss something? I tried to run the Stella Atari 2600 emulator on my BJ2 and the buttons do not correspond to the screen and there appears to be no way to quit - I had to pul the battery out so I could use the phone as a phone again. All thoughts on what I messed up are appreciated.
  6. I have Outlook 2007 (on Vista Ult x64) at work and Outlook 2007 (on Vista Ult x86) at home. The work Outlook connects to an Exchange server for email and calendaring. The home Outlook is used for an ISP's IMAP and does local calendaring. I currently sync my calendar at home with Vista's version of ActiveSync with no problem, but can't do the same for work; work recognizes the phone but will only sync if I destroy the sync-link with the home Outlook. I really really need both calendars on my single phone, making the phone "the king" when it comes to syncing. I'll get/do pretty much anything I need to, software-wise, to get a dual sync. What can I do? Thanks.
  7. I am having a problem with Sprite Backup at the moment. I backed up everything I wanted to my storage card. I hard-reset the phone. I re-installed Sprite Backup to the storage card. I tried to restore, and the app is asking for a password. I didn't set a password! I have a ticket in with Sprite Software, no resolution yet. Remember, with backup software, it's not the backup, it's the restore that's important...

    Windows Mobile 6.1

    A co-worker has the "htc titan verizon xv 6800" and just got the WM 6.1 upgrade. So updates are out there...

    FINALLY! I got the settings from a Samsung Jack on Rogers Network!

    I don't get it. I got my BJII from the AT&T store. How can I use those settings? Wouldn't I be blocked from using Rogers (whoever that is) with my phone?
  10. I would love to see an SNES emulation module, no matter the shape. Please proceed! :) The quality of SmartGear overall outstrips other things for our platform, so even a "bad SNES" will probably be better than some of the other, older SNES emulation packages out there.
  11. SCMOMO

    PocketSNES 1.53

    I can launch this and it locks up, I have to enter the Task Manager and kill it. I have an unlocked BlackJack II.
  12. I have a Cingular 2125 and SmartGear is awesome on it. I paid the fee to keep it registered. The PCE emulation is really, really good - I treat the other platforms as a bonus! Really great work! I thought the 2125 was a bit underpowered but now I see that a good emulation *can* be done on the hardware. One thing I noticed in NES emulation mode is that when playing Ultima 3 my 2125 display (240wx320h) is a little bit too small for the NES screen. I am guessing the rightmost ~20 pixels are lost. Would it be possible to add functionality to pan the emulated screen a bit and change size percentages in 1% increments instead of 100-75-50? Thanks again for your hard work!
  13. So what is the full list of platforms it supports? I just PayPal'd up the fee on the bitbank web site. Nice work.
  14. Slightly OT. Newbiw question. What are the file extensions expected for the various emulated platforms? I had a few SNES files with a .SMC extension I tried to use, and SmartGear won't find them. Thanks.

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