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  1. Ok I was flashing a rom and and 85% through it there was a error in communications now when I power on the phone there is a phone icone with a yellow exclimation mark... where do I go from here?? anyone??? thanks in advance never mind. after several attemps I have it reflashing again.... I hate it when I ask for help too soon. :)
  2. I believe your looking for MusicID Try this link to the app. works great on mine http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=439974
  3. i am very familiar with pocket cm but having issues setting it up. the #'s and letters are not on the keys but display beside the keys instead. and it takes up the whole screen
  4. hi, my previous device was a HTC Polaris. I became a custom to the keyboard used on it. can anyone suggest a decent keyboard that works well on the omnia? thanks to all your suggestions :rolleyes:
  5. can anyone answer my questions please? anyone?
  6. does anyone have any issues with the camera or video having a pinkish purplish streaks aprearing or flickering on the screen? i have had this and have tried everything I can think of to remedy it without any luck? Im thinking its a defective camera? everything else is working great except this.... open for suggestions and or comments. Thanks in advanced.
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