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  1. Hi, does anyone got gps working? I'm on nightly from 20140630 and i only got a-gps wotking with google earth. Gps device only does nit work... Thanks StefanV3
  2. Hi, which device tree did you use to build PAC roms? Only the CyanogenMod device tree from Dazzozo and PAC repo? Did you modify something? I wanna build a PAC Rom for the Ascend G330 thats nearly the same as y300. Thanks StefanV3
  3. Hi, ist there someone who got gps working in this ROM? I use this ROM on my Ascend G330. The G330 is nearly the same device as y300 but needs another Sound Driver (the one from Ascend G300) and an own sim Driver. All is working fine except gps. Could you help me? With C 11 i got gps working with my device. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks StefanV3
  4. Hi, could you update your Github with source code for working camera? Thanks StefanV3
  5. Hi, @ Ceastel Please release source codes of the modified files for your kernel. Thanks StefanV3
  6. Hi, @ kra1o5 When you stop working on the remaining bugs for now, could you help us the port this rom to the Huawei Ascend G330? At the moment the only thing that isn't working is audio so you told me that i have to compile the audio libs for this device. So i have sources for audio from this github: https://github.com/embeddedDev Could you explain me how to do this? Currently i have installed an ubuntu 12.04 with all packages needed to build cyanogenmod (java and android sdk too)and downloaded the cyanogenmod source code from repository. And maybe you should ask josalito who has done the port of CYanogenMod 10 for 510/Y300. Maybe he has some ideas howto fix the last bugs... Thanks StefanV3
  7. Hi, @ kra1o5 Thanks, but what about root access via adb? StefanV3
  8. Hi, @ kra1o5 Could you add usb storage please? Currently there is no popup for usb storage when you plug in the usb cable and connect it to your pc? And another question, when i use Adroid Commander to connect to the phone and replace system files Android Commander says that there is no root connection via adb. Settings the "Root access" option in Settings/Developer Options to "ADB" or "Apps and ADB" doesn't help. Please fix this too... StefanV3
  9. Hi, for battery drain you can ask kra1o5 because he has fixed this in his builds... For bluetooth and other video recording, we have to wait for kra1o5 because he will fix this in his newer builds... StefanV3
  10. Hi, try use the wpa_supplicant from latest joestone build StefanV3
  11. Hi, mhh... replaced wpa_supplicant too??? mhh... wpa_supplicant aucch getauscht? StefanV3
  12. Hi, i used the one from the r3 build of kra1o5: http://d-h.st/Fof . But i see that there is a newer one from yesterday so maybe kra1o5 has changed something... Try using the kernel modules from the latest build from wifi /system/lib/modules : - ar6000.ko - cfg80211.ko Ich habe die boot.img von der Version R3 verwendet: http://d-h.st/Fof . Aber ich sehe gerade, daß es eine neuere von gestern gibt. Warscheinlich hat kra1o5 etwas geändert. Probiere mal ob Du mit den Kernel-Modulen von der aktuellsten Build aus /system/lib/modules weiterkommst : - ar6000.ko - cfg80211.ko StefanV3
  13. Hi, i could not confirm this, WiFi works with boot.img from kra1o5. But battery drain is very heavy, i take a look at this today evening. Kann ich nicht bestätigen. WiFi geht mit der boot.img von kra1o5... Allerdings ist der Akkuverbrauch schon heftig, aber ich setz mich hezte Abend da mal dran. StefanV3
  14. Hi, i use Beyond Compare 3 to compare files and Folders and yes there are a few more lib that are changed but These four libs do the Job. But in kra1o5 Rom they are not working, no boot. By the wy, if you flash the kernel (boot.img) from kra1o5's last build you get camera working and you got SIM contacts!!! Ich verwende Beyond Compare 3 zum vergelichen von Dateien und Ordnern und ja, es gibt ein paar mehr geänderte libs, aber die 4 die ich oben genannten bringen die Telefonie zum laufen. Und so nebenbei, wenn Du den Kernel (boot.img) aus kra1o5 Rom flashst, dann geht auch die Kamera und Du siehst SIM-Kontakte!!! StefanV3
  15. Hi, yes i think. I figured out that, compared to the build from 20130817, the latest build from joestone has some different libs in /system/lib and /system/lib/hw. From build of 20130817 i grabbed four files files, fom /System/lib/hw : - audio.primary.msm7x27.so - audio_policy.default.so - audio_policy.msm7x27.so from /System/lib - libaudioflinger.so and replaced the ones in the latest build and tada, mic and speaker at voice call are working. Even i have system sounds (i.e. when i touch the Screen) and louder sounds when i am dial a number. Will see if we got kra1o5 build usable in this way. But first i'll try to make a rom with these replaced files and see if it works because i tried so much things and i won't Forget something (that was the problem of afternoon today <_< StefanV3
  16. Hi what you mean with audio? Did you mean playback of Audio files? I think the bugs are the same as in latest build of joestone but wait a few moments and i tell you what the Problem was... StefanV3
  17. Hi Wifi works ril works (mic and speaker too!!!) Now i am doing a last test and if it's all right i will release information waht to change to get ril working... StefanV3
  18. Hi, i compared the new version (build date 2013-08-27)of joestone with old version (build date 2013-08-17) and it seems that the framework is the same... So i think the problem maybe in audo driver because its different... Trying to create the new build with old audio driver and see if it works... *Update* Very confusing... Most parts of the rom are the same (differences only in audio driver and wifi + added codecs) but no working ril... Success!!! Got rIl working now. Problem seems to be related to audio driver libs and som media xml's. StefanV3
  19. Hi, yes but the same problem. No speaker no mic... So nebenbei, in eglish heißt ROM ebenfals ROM und nicht ROME, weil ROM = Read Only Memory ;) StefanV3
  20. Hi, maybe you are right. Because of joestone has released a new build with ril fixes i'll try these and see if something is new. I started this Topic because i didn't want to spam the G510/Y300 thread with G330 things. It's even unclear too. Thanks StefanV3
  21. Hi, this is the thread for Porting CyanogenMod 10.1 builds for Huawei Ascend G510/Y300 from kra1o5 and joestone to the not so popular Huawei Ascend G330. As the hardware of g330 is mostly similar to G510/Y300 i am using this forum to publish my work. I am successful for porting joestones latest build for G510 to G330 because i compared his builds from 20130817 (old) and 20130827 (new) and found out that there are some different (newer???) libs in /system/lib and /system/lib/hw. So i focused on four libs: /system/lib: - libaudioflinger.so /system/lib/hw - audio.primary.msm7x27.so - audio_policy.default.so - audio_policy.msm7x27.so i replaced these files in latest build with the ones from old build and i was successful of getting audio and mic and speaker at telephony to work. For working camera i used the boot.img of kra1o5 latest build for Y300 and even i get access to the sim contacts. Now i am focusing on the heavy battery drain but please be patient until tdoay's evening... Thanks StefanV3
  22. Hi, @ joestone RIL does not work on g330. Replaced the libcm.so and get acces to sim card but at phone call mic and speaker does not work. Whot to do? Do you need a logcat? @ all For removing the "softkey bar" at botton goto menu -> settings -> system -> expanded desktop and select "Status bar visible". Now press and hold power button until power menu is shown. Then tap "Expanded desktop" and navigation bar is gone. StefanV3
  23. Hi, @ joestone Is this the build you pm'ed me about? @ andrea2107 does it run on g330? Yeah the differences between g300 and g330 are much more than the differences between g330 and g510/y300. So the builds for g510 runs with little modifications of updater-script and build.prop out of the box on g330. StefanV3
  24. Hi, which was the last version that is working for Ascend G330? @ White Dust G510 and Y300 are not the same devices. The Y300 has a touch screen with a resolution of 480x800 pixels and G510 has 480x 854. StefanV3
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