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  1. anyone successfuly tried this on stock 2.3.3 on nexus 1 ?? please confirm
  2. on my device with the latest beta : apps working: - dolphin mini browser - newsrob (google reader/rss) - smart keyboard - gingerbread keyboard - data counter widget - apn on/off widget - call light - pure calendar widget - twitter - winamp - tapatalk - advanced task manager - beejiveIM (phone not sleep when running) - IM+ (phone not sleep when running) - meebo (phone not sleep when running) - yahoo messenger (phone can sleep when running) - cnectd (phone can sleep when running) - advanced task killer games working : - paper toss - toss it - zuma (slow) - basketball shot 3d (slow) - glow hockey - Super Dynamite Fishing (slow) - Talking Tom Cat (slow) apps not working : - Toggle 2G games not working: - air hockey advance (graphic glitch) please share your experience
  3. hi guys, on my 3rd day with the newest beta, evrything works fine, but suddenly last night my gmail app stop syncing and got FC everytime i open gmail :P tried reinstalling from o2bupdateGMAIL.apk but still got FC, anyone found a solution for this??
  4. same here sometimes wake sometimes not, from a clean install :P
  5. newest beta still can unlock with menu button, is there a fix for this??
  6. 3g works fine with me usig INDOSAT MATRIX in beta 1 latest update, iam having difficulties downloading new beta 2 so not able to test 3g right now.
  7. yeah lucky iam able to just shrink my ext2 partition via gparted and now i can install apps, my only problem left was everytime i boot android it says my sd card was removed and i have to put the sd card back in to use the sd. thanks for your info
  8. i had also this problem, is there a way to fix this?, i installed from my storage
  9. iam using this method but somehow when running haret it get stuck while booting, it runs fine on the original file (beta1024.zip), but after updating fail, is there any better options to update the file when installing on MY STORAGE???
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