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    [ROM] Rooted Vodafone UK ROM (

    This ROM only works with Pauls root method, you first need to apply the standard root that you find pinned to the top of the forum. Once completed you copy this to your SD card and run the recovery-windows, recovery-linux or recovery-mac (depends on your poison of operating system) that is in Pauls root folder. Once complete you should see the flash loader screen, select flash from SD card and then select this ROM and let it work its magic. The ROM itself is rooted but it requires Pauls magic trick on the phone which removes the signature check on the phone allowing you to flash whatever ROM you want (including this one) from the flash menu. Hope that helps clear things up James
  2. james194zt

    Help! how to root "AU_2.02.178.2"

    Was your phone rooted using Paul's method before you applied the update RUU?
  3. james194zt

    Root 1.32 ?

    Yes this is more for people who are stuck that have already done the rooted update that Paul did and want to get up to 1.32 for the fixes or want to get back to the Voda ROM for warranty etc... It will not help people who have already upgraded, has anybody with a 1.32 tried Paul's rooting method out of interest? if you have what errors did you get. Thanks James
  4. james194zt

    Root 1.32 ?

    Hi If you have not upgraded to the 1.32 ROM from Vodafone over the air, I have just uploaded the rooted version of the Vodafone UK ROM this afternoon that is at 1.32 (it is the same as the latest OTA update). Hope that helps Thanks James
  5. james194zt

    new phone copy old one

    Hi, It depends what you have that needs to be restored, I use WaveSecure which lets me back up my SMS, Phone Logs and can do my Contacts. I use MS Exchange sync though which contains my calendar, email and contacts so I am not too concerned about them. If you simply want the above 3 Wavesecure do a 30 day trial which should be enough to simply copy between 2 phones, after that it is around £10 a year. Hope that helps. Thanks James
  6. All, Here is the latest Vodafone UK ROM, mainly for all who are concerned about their warranty! The only difference between this ROM and the OTA version is that this version is rooted and compatible with Pauls root method. Just upload to your memory card and run the releavant recovery instructions (see Paul's rooted post for more info). Link is here Usual disclaimer.... I am not responsible for any damage to your phone, this ROM is suppled as is with no warranty! Have Fun!!
  7. james194zt

    24/May r4 - HTC Legend rooting guide - Now with 1.31.x

    Rooted and working great since a couple of days after release 1, works like a dream!! I could do with getting hold of the original UK Voda ROM somehow as my phone is acting up. If anybody has any sources that would be great, I should be able to then root the original Voda UK if I can get hold of it. Thanks James
  8. james194zt

    Assistance on ROM themes

    Ignore my request! Thought I would just go for it, thought what's the worst that can happen!! so I tried the latest version of signapk and my ROM with a tiny tweak in it worked perfectly.
  9. james194zt

    Assistance on ROM themes

    All, I used to do custom themes on my old Magic handset and want to do similar on the new legend, I have rooted it etc... and understand the insides of the Android quite well. Quick question... I presume we still need to "bless" the .zip file we create so that we can flash the .zip file with our custom ROMS to the phone. I was going to try and sign it the same way I used to do it on the Magic but wondered if anybody had any info on whether the Magic signing will work or is it different on the legend. Thanks James

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