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  1. tibor22

    Advent Vega V2 (aka V91) microphone problem

    Sebdetours, anyway, I would give a try for the 4.0 ROM. Maybe it's better than the 3.2. Do you know from where could I download it? Thanks, Tibor
  2. Which ROM do you want, exactly?

  3. tibor22

    Advent Vega V2 (aka V91) microphone problem

    Sebdetours, Thank you for the 3.2 ROM. I've downloaded it. I recently installed the 2.2 ROM, it works more or less normally, but it made my tablet much slower. Now at least I will have the possibility to put back the more advanced system if I get fed up with the old one... By the way, do you - or anybody - have any news about possible ROM development under way for Vega 2? Cheers, Tibor
  4. hi.. im sorry for distrubbing you but i have a tablet.. it have same settings as you. but i couldnt find any rom for it and saw you have that rom which i wanna.. can you send me link please? ill wait your answer and link..

    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  5. tibor22

    ICS for Vega 2?

    Thanks for the ideas! I will try them when I have some time for it....
  6. tibor22

    ICS for Vega 2?

    Yes, since I have downgraded to 2.2, everything works well. I just needed to flash Google apps because Android 2.2 for DVC N10 doesn't have it either. But, you know, it is a real pain to be forced to run an outdated system on such a powerful hardware... Tibor
  7. tibor22

    ICS for Vega 2?

    Hi, do you know any news about creating a possible Android 4.0 firmware for DVC N10 aka Advent Vega 2? Cheers, Tibor
  8. tibor22

    Advent Vega V2 (aka V91) microphone problem

    Hi, alexzhou, Thanks for the link, I've downloaded the 2.2 ROM. But still I have no courage to flash it. Do you know also from where could I get the 3.2 version in case I would not like the 2.2? And do you have any information when will be a better 3.2 ROM for this device? Cheers, Tibor
  9. tibor22

    Advent Vega V2 (aka V91) microphone problem

    I ordered the tablet from Aliexpress webstore. But unfortunatelly the vendor, Show China Industry, does not provide any kind of customer service.... What about your device? By the way, you can use the camera app: open it and change the option from back to front camera. Then force shut off the device by pushing the Power button more than 5 minutes long. Then power on again and the app will work with the front camera. Anyway, I don' care the camera too much, I would rather need the mic! For using Skype it is essential. And it even more annoying that when somebody calls me via Skype I can never know whether he or she will hear me or not... I am thinking of installing the Android 2.2 ROM which I downloaded from a link found somewhere here, but what if I would like to re-install the 3.2 later? I don't have it separately, just on the device. cheers, Tibor
  10. My Advent Vega V2 (according to Settings/About: V91) tablet has Android 3.2 firmware. The exact data: Modell no. V91 Android version 3.2.1 Kernel [email protected] #56 Build no. v00.07.00 20111007 This ROM is beta version with a lot of bugs. But the most annoying one for me is that the microphone sometimes works somtetimes not. And I have no way to influence its behaviour. It can be hardware problem but I don't think so, since for example I make a Skype call with working mic then I do nothing with the tablet, even don't move it, but 10 minutes later trying another call the mic suddenly does not work. Please, those who have the same tablet with the same ROM report here whether their in-built mic works or not. Do they have the same problem as me or not? And also those who have another ROM (2.2 or other version of 3.2), please, tell me: do they have normally working mic or not. Thanks, Tibor
  11. tibor22

    Advent Vega V2

    Thanks a lot! Another question: is there any way to save my current 3.2 ROM in case I would need to put it back? Thanks, Tibor
  12. tibor22

    Advent Vega V2

    I have just the opposite desire: install Android 2.2 instead of 3.2 that is currently on my device. 2.2 is older, but, according to some posts, works almost bug-free on DVC N10. Does someone have any idea from where I could download the 2.2 firmware? Thanks, Tibor
  13. tibor22

    Advent Vega v2 (A.k.a. DVC N10) ROMs

    I answer to you with pleasure, but please, don't expect too much. 1. I got no documentation with the tablet, so I just can share my own impressions: the screen is excellent; bright and lively colours, good resolution, even the smallest letters can be read easily. 2. I haven't made any test, but if I use the tablet constantly (internet, YouTube videos, music, Angry Birds, etc.) it lasts 6-7 hours. I mean from 100% of battery to 20%, because I never let it go below 20%. 3. The OS is the real problem! Certainly it is not official, that's why there is no Google apps. The facts: Modell no.: V91 Android version: 3.2.1 Kernel: [email protected] #56 Build no.: v00.07.00 20111007 It's clear that this firmware is not made for this model, not only because of the microphone problem (see above) but the 3 touch sensor buttons at the edge of the screen don't work either. In short: it is an excellent device with really strong hardware but we would badly need a good firmware for it. Cheers
  14. tibor22

    Advent Vega v2 (A.k.a. DVC N10) ROMs

    Hi, I also have DVC N10 and I managed to flash the Google apps (Market, Gmail, Maps etc.) to the ROM. See this link: http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/install-android-3-0-honeycomb-and-market-on-nook-color/ Now I can use almost normally the tablet but still have one big problem: the in-built microphone sometimes works sometimes not. And I couldn't find out so far the reason of disfunction... It is not sure at all that even after a system reboot it would work, somtimes I use half an hour the tablet, periodically checking the mic and after a while it suddenly turns functional... Does someone have the same problem? Is there any workabout you know? Certainly the best would be to have a final, bug-free ROM for the device, but I'm afraid we have to wait a lot :-(
  15. tibor22

    Advent Vega V2

    I can confirm that the Avent Vega 2 is finally out, but it has different name(s) . I got my one a couple of days ago. I ordered it under the the name of "DVC N10" from Aliexpress and I got something with another name: "V91". But is must be the same as the one this topic is about, because of the photos and the hardware characteristic. The data from Settings/About: Modell no.: V91 Android version: 3.2.1 Kernel: [email protected] #56 Build no. v00.07.00 20111007 The tablet -- after two days of usage -- works well, it's fast enough, has bright screen with nice colours, and 5-6 hours of battery life. But I cannot really judge the performance, because the firmware must be a beta version. My biggest problem is that the ROM has NO Goggle apps, so, I cannot use Market, Gmail, etc. I'm an old Modaco member, been using different WindowsMobile phones for 10 years, but I am tollaly newbie in Android business. So, after surfing some forums a lot, I know that it is possible to install the Google-related apps, but I should flash them. And I have to "root" the device if I want to flash it. Am I right? I even have downloaded some files to install (Google apps package, Android ROM Manager, etc.) but I don't know HOW TO ROOT A HONEYCOMB 3.2 DEVICE?! If someone could help me, I would appriciate it. Thanks and cheers, Tibor

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