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  1. Hi Guys, Hope you can help, i have a G300 which i have flashed CMRecovery on & also the modaco custom ROM, but i am still getting the low speaker sound issue.... I have tried restoring the original voda ROM back onto the G300 and this then sees that a firmware update is available but then it wont install the firmware update - i think its clashing with CM Recovery somewhere... so is it possible to uninstall CM recovery, i want to take the phone back to voda as its not working properly but the first thing they will see is i have CM recovery installed.... Its my first Huawei device, but i have had HTC in the past - so be gentle :) Cheers SF
  2. Looking forward to it... However - i didn't know Paul was into windows phone... thought this was just an android site :) SF
  3. Anyone worked out how to make the compass work? i don't seem to get any directionality details up... SF
  4. This is the same as i got - 2Gb card - but no case - although the quickstart booklet says it comes with a case... Gonna get round to call TM later - if i can be bothered to see where my case is! SF
  5. Just got mine in the mail. all i have to do now is find some time to play with it! Edit : in the box contents - i am supposed to have a "pouch" ... none present - did anyone else get one? or is it just my box that this is missing from? FYI My box\phone is HTC branded with just a simple TMobile animation at Startup\Shutdown. :) SF
  6. Look at This Post - Basically the TMobile Connections settings are wrong - just remove the proxy tick box - you should be good to go. SF
  7. So my HD2 that *will arrive before 1pm* on Saturday isn't here. Evidently its now at some point on monday and needs signing for. great :) #tmobilefail
  8. Doh... Didn't think of that... my contract is 18months... figured it would be around the right time for WinMo 8 :)
  9. Call them on 150 and ask. I got a free HD2 on Combi 25+ WnW works out at around £30 a month. SF
  10. Just called 150 and spoke to business upgrades. Free phone on combi 25 + WnW. Despatched today for delivery before 1pm tomorrow - woo hoo! (also text message just came through) SF
  11. Thats not a bad price from mobilephonesdirect - Expansys are offering it at £149 for : £35 Monthly,18 Month,700 Mins,Texts,Unlimited Data (Combi 30 + WnW). (http://www.expansys.com/d.aspx?partner=modaco&i=190623) - just none in stock at the moment! SF
  12. Can anyone provide the link for online chat... i can't find it! Cheers SF
  13. I just spoke to Holly in business renewals - she said that there is nothing on the system and its probably next week - or the week after. In saying that - i hope that you are right and not me! SF
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