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  1. the problem is that i dont remember which email account i used to place the order and i think i dont even have access to that account anymore (so i cant ask for a warranty replacement from expansys)
  2. the front keys i have have lost their colour due to use. is there a guide of replacing them? all i can find is opening the phone completely and not for what i want only. thank you
  3. if someone has the movie handy, can they chop the aaaaah and oooooh from the doors in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy please?
  4. i got 2 bars in the house though :/ will try it will full signal when i can
  5. all done...the people in tmobile had disabled gprs on my account, they even enabled hsdpa now and everything works just did a speed test got 175kbit/sec from dspreports.com
  6. thats what i had, again same popup :/ for the record, the page you gave me did nothing, i got a text saying this is your pin you will need to enter it , but no other texts after that.
  7. i tried phoning the tech support today, got the tytnII told them its the t-mobile vario 3 as they wouldnt understand what i was talking about.... i need someone to give me the cab for the settings, or tell me the settings that i have to do. Right now, from kaisers setup manager, the connection wasnt working, i edited the "Username should be: t-mobile Password should be: tm" myself, nothing changed i get the "answering modem has disconnected" and a popup saying "There is a problem connecting to the GPRS service in your registered home network" i get the small 3g icon on the taskbar, device hasnt had any modifications apart from pauls cab that i am going to install now.
  8. hm i had web n walk during the summer and i could use voip programs, must have been the more expensive option i guess ;)
  9. thank you, i will go with normal web and walk i think, i only need it for skype and the occasional web browsing when in classes :(
  10. i have an ubiquio501 now, and the kaiser is arriving tomorrow morning. do i need web and walk or fax & data plus for 3g? if its web and walk, which option : web 'n' walk Max option web'n'walk handset option web 'n' walk Plus option
  11. hm. i think i installed some vga icons and the screen doesnt support it? is there a way to uninstall programs from the phone from vista or i have to reset the phone?
  12. i have the phone now connected and on, the screen got dimmed after a while like it should after being idle, and i could see it getting lit up in the dim state, but when i tried to do anything on the phone, it went back to nothing.
  13. Hello, i installed pocket weather and phone alarm, all were working fine and i liked the way phone alarm displays events so i configured the today screen only to show the phone alarm and the pocket weather tabs. After pressing ok the screen went black. I removed the battery, and turned on the phone again windows loading screens show fine, and when it comes to the point it should show the today screen, the screen goes off again. The apps were installed on the memory card, and even removing it and booting the phone again didnt help :) what can i do please?
  14. i have done that , custom wavs only showfor incoming calls, not the other events
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