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  1. I was recharging my SGS II as usual on Saturday using the AC Adaptor when it suddenly began to get hot and constantly reset itself every couple of minutes or so. When I checked the phone, I got the message "System UIDs Inconsistent" and every time I tried to force close the phone, it wouldn't let me. I know the data on the phone itself is safe as the lock screen that I use works fine and the icons that usually appear on the phone appear as they should do. I'm not too sure if it's fully bricked or not as I've tried ClockworkMod and that seems to work fine. I've tried to access the data partitions on the phone and even though they can be seen in Windows Explorer, I can't access them at all when the phone is connected to my laptop via USB. Is there any other way of accessing them so I can make a full backup of the data from them, especially downloads and Apps before I have to wipe it and start fresh.
  2. I've installed Titanium Backup but I can't access it now that I can't access my phone properly plus when I tried to upgrade it, the software wouldn't let me. I've just accessed ClockworkMod right now and the only options available are ones for rebooting the system, applying an update from a SD card, wipe data/factory reset (which I don't want to do if possible) and wipe cache partition. If it's any help, I got a message which states the following on the ClockworkMod screen: --Updating application... E:install_application_for_customer:Can't unmount/preload copy application failed. -- Appling Multi-CSC... Installing Multi-CSC Can't access to '/system/csc/VOD/system/'. Successfully applied multi-CSC. <div><br></div><div>EDIT: It turns out the recovery screen I saw was actually the general Android System Recovery screen, not ClockworkMod. I thought that pressing Volume Up+Home+Power would have taken me to ClockworkMod.</div>
  3. If I do a complete wipe of a Android phone; for example, a Galaxy S II, are there any Apps out there that would allow me to recover the files and folders from the data partitions on the phone itself. Basically, my phone may or may not be bricked as I keep getting 'System UIDs Inconsistent' messages and I can't force close the phone even though it's still fully working. I'm using VillainROM and another problem that I have is that even though the partitions themselves can be seen via Windows Explorer when hooked up to my laptop, I can't access them. I can also see the SD card partition that's part of the phone itself via ClockworkMOD and access that on the phone so I know the data at least on both partitions is safe.
  4. I finally got my HD2 on Thursday [this one being a replacement as someone stole the one that was sent out before Xmas due to it being sent out by regular 1st Class mail by mistake] from Dan Steele at Vodafone HQ [it's a long story involving being promised one as a upgrade for this month and having my order cancelled at the last minute]. To say it's amazing is an understatement! I can forgive HTC for the fact that they never seem to have inbuilt flash memory in their phones which would make a lot of them even better than they already are but the one that I received in the mail doesn't have the dreaded Vodafone branding [Thank God!] and hopefully that means this is an unlocked one and I can install the latest ROM upgrade. In any case, I want to customise my phone by creating some Custom Themes for it, especially Anime, Manga and Tokusatsu ones [which I'll post here] but I don't know how to do it. If any kind soul can point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful... :)
  5. I'm having a problem with my Omnia in that it keeps filling up with crap even though I install my programs for the most part in the "My Storage" folder instead of the RAM. As a result, hardly any SMS'es are getting through. Is there any software available [preferably free] that can clean the RAM as well as ROM?
  6. I'm thinking of installing a custom ROM on my Vodafone branded Omnia as I don't like the fact that every so often, it forces me to do a hard reset because of all the Vodafone-branded crap on it. Can anybody recommend me a good custom ROM that won't force me to do a hard reset all the time?
  7. Does anyone know where I can get the latest official ROM from and how do I install it? On a seperate note, I'm trying to do a hard reset on the Samsung Omnia and I'm finding it difficult to do so even though I did it before. I've also got a problem with the Align Screen section in that it doesn't want to go to the next section and I really need to fix it ASAP as I'm going to London tomorrow.
  8. Will there be a Vista version of the Installer in the future? On another note, what Custom ROMs are available that are Vista-Compatible, Installer-wise?
  9. Is there a Windows Vista version of the Installer? Also, how do I install this?
  10. I'm trying to install the software on my Omnia as it had a bad crash the other day and a friendly employee named Matt from the main Vodafone store in Liverpool tried to fix it for me (fortunately the data in the internal memory is safe and I'm backing it up on my brand-new laptop) but it seems he needed a file from Microsoft so he gave me a spare CD and if I needed any further help, he told me to email him just in case... (now that is a true case of good customer service even though I got my phone from the other store at LiverpoolONE last month) I now have a problem in that I'm trying to install the software that I need to on my laptop which has Windows Vista Home Premium on it in that I can't use the Autorun feature or install the software through other means as it keeps referring to something called Data Execution Protection which is preventing the software from installing. If anyone has any idea why I can't install anything from my CD, please let me know...
  11. My Omnia crashed yesterday after resetting it because it was slowing to a crawl and now I can't get it to work at all as it won't load past the Vodafone logo! :lol: The staff at the Vodafone store in LiverpoolONE weren't helpful as they wanted to send it off for repair and give me a crappy phone to borrow even though I had a memory card to copy the data from the My Storage folder to a new 8GB memory card as I don't have a working PC at the moment at home. I went to the other Vodafone store in Liverpool and I spoke to a member of staff there who was more helpful as he offered to bring in his laptop tomorrow to copy the data from the internal memory on my phone to the memory card as well as reinstall the OS on the phone as well. From the way I explained what happened, he worked out that the OS had somehow crashed and as a result, it wouldn't load up any more... I don't know if it's anything to to do with SPB Mobile Shell or the Storage Memory being full of data as some people are saying or something else but I was just wondering if there's any way of removing the Vodafone customisations from the phone just in case this sort of thing happens again as I need this working for a trip to London that I'm doing this weekend and I need a working phone for the trip in case of emergency due to my epilepsy...
  12. Does anyone know of any good registry tweaks for the Omnia so I and others can improve the device in various ways such as speed, moving various folders, etc...
  13. Thanks for the advice that everybody's offered so far. It's just a shame that Samsung couldn't be bothered to optimize the OS properly and make use of all that lovely internal storage space and make us work hard to optimize it... On another note, does anyone have any good tips for optimizing the Omnia as well as Opera Mobile itself especially when it comes to downloading files as for some reason I can never download files at all when using Opera Mobile whereas I can on PIE...
  14. Does anyone know if I can use a program like Pocket Mechanic Professional or something similar to move the cache folders for Opera Mobile and Pocket Internet Explorer to the "My Storage" area of my Omnia. If this is possible, how would I do it as I'm sick and tired of running out of cache memory all the time...
  15. Is there any way I can stop the Omnia from switching itself on all the time as it keeps doing so even though I lock it and press the button at the top.
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