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  1. Satans Cyber Kid

    SPV HAD TO GO!!!!!

    Well as much as i love microsoft and orange i have to say the phone has gone. After crap battery life , the crap certification issues + my third spv crashing and locking up to the point where it would not even boot it had to go. I have now moved back to Nokia 7210 and realised that i should never have moved. The spv will be a great phone one day if all the crap things about it can be sorted out. When it does what is says on the tin i may one day take another look at it. So this is me saying good bye have fun with your SPV's i hope they get better :?
  2. Satans Cyber Kid

    Battery Life Weirdness

    Yeah i done mine a few weeks ago and since then it has been alot better. I must say i did not think it would make a difference tho? :shock: The battery on the spv is very odd. sometimes its great other days its shite :evil:
  3. It sometimes happens to me. not very ofter but it does happen
  4. Satans Cyber Kid

    all-explorer activation

    I have just downloaded and installed but i cant fine the app on the spv?
  5. Satans Cyber Kid

    Email through cradle?

    nope because it is not even using gprs
  6. Satans Cyber Kid

    Internet Favs

    Hi Guys do you know of a way to sync my internet fav on my desktop with my spv and vise versa?
  7. Satans Cyber Kid

    Email through cradle?

    I am a IT network analyst for a job. the only thing that is confusing me is how is the phone picking up a gateway or a ip address in order to access the web? Any ideas?
  8. Satans Cyber Kid

    Email through cradle?

    Cheers for that tip...just tried it on mine. Wow broadband through your phone thats unreal. Wow i love this phone if only there were a few less bugs
  9. Satans Cyber Kid

    Firmware version and updates

    I tried changing the regions but it did not work for me
  10. Satans Cyber Kid


    Does anyone know of any software that i can use to sync my SPV with my firms groupwise calendar? Intellisync wont run because it needs to install a file on the spv and as we can install a god dam thing it wont work. Please help as i dont want to take this phone back because i cant sync my calendar :cry:
  11. Satans Cyber Kid

    Syncing with Lotus Notes

    dam just thought about that......dont think i will be able to do my groupwise 6 calendar with intellisync s*** Does anyone know of some software that might let me do it? thanks in advance
  12. Satans Cyber Kid

    SPV MP3

    I have just put a mp3 onto my spv and had the earphones in......Oh my god how f*cking good is that....The quality was excellent this is just one more thing that makes me love this phone more What does anyone else think of it?
  13. Satans Cyber Kid

    Pocket PC Themes on the SPV

    not sure if anyone has noticed, but when you downlod some of the Themes and then go into a new text message The part that should read TO & CC & Subject etc are all invisable its like its got the wong colour. Is there anyway to change this?
  14. Satans Cyber Kid

    Syncing with Lotus Notes

    Yes you can if you use intellisync it will sync most email programs I have a copy if you want it?
  15. Satans Cyber Kid

    Problems with alarm?

    Guys if i set a alarm for say 15:00 hours and the phone is in the usb cradle the alarm goes off fine. but if i set it for say 08:00 which is the time i get up in the morning i only get a vibrate. The only difference is that at 08:00 my phone is plugged in to the mains not through the usb cradle. Any ideas?

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