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  1. dkindred

    Problem with keyboard response

    yep, i have the same problem, but with d and y! on the xda forum, someone recommended turning ur phone off and repeatedly pressing the troublesome button, other users reported this solved the problem, but it didnt work for me. I guess i'll have to make an orange care claim to solve this problem! (unless another solution is found).
  2. dkindred

    Poor response from Kaiser Keyboard

    i flashed to the l26 rom - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=403214 i'm not mad on it so i'm ready to reflash, perhaps i'll have a look for this tlr rom u speak of :D
  3. dkindred

    Poor response from Kaiser Keyboard

    Well, i just logged onto report that i attempted to change every setting possible and nothing influenced the keyboard input. Sick of the whole thing i just reflashed with a different rom, and guess what, problem solved! But reading your post andrewkeith5 maybe i didnt need to! :D
  4. dkindred

    Poor response from Kaiser Keyboard

    i've had this exact problem :D i've turned the auto complete off and see how that goes, i'll report back :D
  5. dkindred

    HTC TyTN II Annoyances

    Is there a way to stop the big clock opening the 'Clocks & Alarms' Settings menu? It drives me crazy! If it did nothing when tapped that would be good!
  6. is there anyway to bluetooth all your contacts to something else like you car? My car has bluetooth and it says you can upload the handset contact list to the car, i can find the option on the car and its like ready to recieve, but so far i can only work out how to do them one at a time, painful!
  7. dkindred

    Vibrate for Screen tap...

    Thanks ihsan, not quite what i'm after though, this only give vibration feedback when using the dialpad, more than anything else i need feed back from the 'text phone pad', i can get a good speed up on the t9 via the touch screen but often mistakes are made, i get a better speed when i have the sound notification on, but it drives me crazy!! Just a tiny vibrate would be the answer.
  8. dkindred

    Vibrate for Screen tap...

    Yep, it appears only u and i are interested in this particular option :D
  9. Oh, i dont know, when i set up the new partnership and went to my sync settings it told me the stuff wasnt installed to sync contacts and calender, and sure enough after sync'ing my pc did not have the apointments i had loaded on to my phone. The good news is though, i just went into do a screen shot so u could see what i meant and it allowed me to tick the box, i'm not quite sure what i have done differently but it works :D
  10. ...instead of tones, is this possible? :D
  11. Pocket Outlook appears to be missing after flash, can anyone point me in the right direction to finding it?
  12. I have the hang of all this flashing business now :D lol
  13. ok, its all starting to make a little more sense now :D am i best to avoid this rom since i am with orange then? am i best of driving to norwich to get u to sort this for me loooooooool
  14. I don't get it then, looks like I have done it then, so where's the improvements??!! Perhaps i should get myself a nice simple phone that rings lol
  15. ok, i wonder if this may be my problem... ... i get here - and a few things occur to me, step 1) Connect PDA to USB (its already connected) step 2) How? My computer appears to have no clue that my phone is attached! So if i tick the box and click Next it says 'verifying the information on your PDA Phone please wait', then i get - Something else occurs to me here, my image version is blank, is this normal? Anyway, i click update, it says udating from version (its then blank) to Version: HardSPL - Kaiser I then click Next and Next again, it then does something on my handset and something on my pc, it then says congratulations and reboots my phone, then guess what? Nothing, its just the same as before! This is going to sound real stupid, but would it make a difference that my sim card is not in the phone? Any help gratefully recieved.

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