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  1. Ok, so I'm thinking of re-entering the Smartphone fold, and have a few questions about the Diamond and future models. First of all, what's the best price on one? Best I've seen so far is: Free on Vodafone £25 per month 150 Mins, 500 texts Any better than that available? Even on PAYG? Next up - is it worth waiting for the HD? I like it, but I presume it'll be mega expensive when it first comes out? The GPS... Right, I don't get it. Can I use it JUST as a normal GPS? I don't want to incur costs when I use it. Does it work with anything??? I've seen stories that the GPS doesn't work with anything like tomtom. What should I bear in mind when considering one? What other options are there? Oh, and finally, hello to anyone that recognises me! But I'd imagine not, as it's been a long time!!!
  2. Pulse

    What to do?

    I've got an XDA Exec, which I bought around a year ago, and I just don't use it. I was wondering what people's suggestions would be to do with it, i.e. the best place to sell it/trade it? Ideally, I'd like to change to an XDA Orbit, or alternatively an XDA Mini S... I could've had an XDA Mini S at the time aswell, for a lot cheaper!!! Anyway, anyone got any ideas? Or... Does anyone know someone who might want to swap for the above models? If I was to trade for an XDA Mini S, I would keep my GPS Reciever though, as I need Sat Nav.
  3. Anyone know where the latest ROM for the XDA Exec is? I've looked on my-xda.com, but that's ages old... Surely there's a newer one?
  4. How do you do this??????? I didnt know there was a bluetooth messenger type thing... Can someone point me in the right direction??
  5. That is really nice!! Although I think I still prefer the more executive look of my silver C500.
  6. But the pda functions will still work, so not all bad.
  7. Thanks for having a look for me xerxes ;) It's going to be for sale as of tomorrow, so at least some of the debt will be gone! :D Back to a D500 for me :D
  8. Well that's good news at least, so at least I can buy out my contract. OK, I will give it a go at 425 quid on eBay. Btw, yes, they're sending me a brand new replacement, with all unused accessories.
  9. Unfortunately I've got in some major debt, and cant afford to keep my o2 contract running. Again unfortunately, I'm outside of the 14 days with o2 now, so I cant cancel my contract. I'm being sent a replacement phone, so will have a brand new XDA Exec for sale. How much can I expect to get for it if I sold it? I saw expansys or some other website were selling B grade for £420 or something. Oh, and what would be the best way about going about selling it? Cheers! ;)
  10. I reckon you're doing the right thing to be honest, and just sit tight and hope the problem is resolved with the next rom update. still debating whether or not to send my exec back for constant freezing.
  11. My personal preference was the o2 version, as it looks better in my opinion. As for the software, yes, Orange put crap on there aswell, but both can be removed, extremely easily, so no worries. Afaik, the Orange one has more issues.
  12. You have 3 options. You can upgrade your car head unit (or if you have a high-spec car it might have it), to a head unit which includes an auxillary input. Then you need to get yourself a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable. Another option is, as above, get hold of a fm transmitter, which, although are illegal in the UK, you've pretty much got NO chance of getting caught, as they only transmit over about 10 metres, so unless you're unlucky enough to have someone looking for pirate radio stations following behind your car, you'll be fine, lol. Another option, if your car is totally not high-spec, and has a tape drive, you can get a tape drive adaptor, for a few quid. For the 2nd and 3rd options though, you will need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter, but that'll cost nothing aswell.
  13. If I was you, I'd personally ask for the next replacement, especially as you seem to have got a good deal there ;) Just hope for the best I suppose. The exec I've got at the moment isn't perfect, but I just have to live with it I think.
  14. It depends. Will it definitely still have the same problem on the new handset? If so, then dont bother getting it replaced. Definitely don't give in and put the handset in for testing though, as what the hell are they gonna find, if it's gonna be a problem on ALL handsets? (I am presuming this of course, as I dont know the full situ). But I know what you mean. I dont want to get rid of my exec (see my thread), but sometimes, the problems outweigh the amount of stuff it can do.
  15. Yep, I'll keep you updated. As of this morning, it still hasn't frozen again, but we'll see. It's not when I'm using it a lot, it's when it hasn't been used for a while, so when I go on my lunch from work, I'll see if it's all ok still. In addition to this, when it froze, most of the time it seemed to have my previous calls up on the screen, which is weird. It may be that it doesnt like just pressing the hang up button on the side, and then just leaving it. Not sure, but that's a possibility. As for software, no, nothing has been installed yet at all. Which is weird, so it isnt down to any external software. Also, I should note that when it froze, 5 minutes after having it, I turned 3G reception back on (I turned it off so I didnt miss calls - and I never did on the other one afaik) So maybe that was also a factor. Only time will tell, but I will test it for 2 days or something, like I said, and see how it goes, because I really dont want to give the phone back.
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