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  1. Dear Mandrake.. thanks for your valuable heads-up. no wonder why my dowload broke in the middle just now.
  2. Thanks Steff.. for your freshest builds .. You are the most freshest chefs for our Modaco Omnia fans.. :-) (after our Flotaniun Chef NiklasHideGard..:-))
  3. Dear Yonn.. you have produced one of the most beautiful roms for Omnia. Its just great. 2 Thumbs up mate.. Activesync works fine for me with winXP and AS V 4.5
  4. My suggestion would be .. before updating to any cooked rom, you have to use a particular rom to flash. let me see the link. Read this tutorial (even i followed this before flashing my first cooked rom) http://www.samsung-omnia.org/rom-discussio...siest-way!/
  5. @Vansh.. why do you have to post the entire OCK's first post here.. its so annoying.. why dont you just add a reply here with just your words? No one will ever listen to your requests if you paste unwanted .. already posted screens here. Pls keep your questions only on the reply.
  6. Great one.. Yonn.. Waiting eagerly for your YonnSpecial...May i know which aku build are you basing this on?
  7. Can someone post the titanium lite rom to mediafire please....!!!
  8. Thank you Obi wan.. Can someone post it on mediafire please? Thanks in advance..
  9. it works alrite with me.. (using Krazy Radd's ultimate english beauty.. :) )
  10. Saverio.. make sure you take out your sim card .. before you flash the phone radio.. I always see this issue of rom not getting flashed with sim in.
  11. ...Yonn also has to be included.. His roms are amazingly quick and efficient battery friendly... KYO Foundation.... OM-KYO Foundation would be great.. :(
  12. i went ahead and flashed it.. ;) It actually works..!!
  13. i got this error while extracting the contents of the rar files.. Does it mean the rom exe is corrupted. I just double clicked it .. it opened ok. but didn try flashing it.
  14. i got this error while extracting the contents of the rar files.. Does it mean the rom exe is corrupted. I just double clicked it .. it opened ok. but didn try flashing it.
  15. Dear Norrin Radd, Please put your rom in another share.. mediafire would be fantastic.. I still have your german rom downloaded from handyfag site and relishing every bit of it.. The classiest omnia rom you have put up.. very innovative and superb graphics..Please upload it to mediafire.. pls..!!
  16. I was able to install Great Chef Norrin Radd's GTX latest rom from his German forum. Its just awesome. But, i had to format my internal storage (8gb) inorder to complete the installation. Although its german, i am quite enjoying it .. its a pleasant change from our legendary English roms from OCK and Yonn.. Hi Norrin Radd.. your taste is impeccable.. Thank you..!
  17. Hello acmjiffry, Can you pls share your awesome bluey.. wallpaper? Thanks..
  18. Dear Yonn.. You have made a superb rom.. Thanks very much.. For a change i am trying out your rom for the first time (from OCK's obviously..!!). Very responsive.. But when i tweak the manila2d sense shortcuts for custom apps and disable some of the tabs (using registry) and rebooted, the manila2d sense shortcuts disappear.. How do we backup the existing settings (just like m2dc customizer app) and restore them when this happens? Also, i would like to know the pagepool for this rom.. Is it 8 MB??
  19. I dunno whether it was a trick...;-)... I was doing trial and error and accidentally found it when i messed up certain updated installations of S2U2 :P
  20. There is a workaround to remove s2u2. 1. install a s2u2 from cab again over the pre-installed one. 2. Now, uninstall it from Settings\Remove programs. 3. This uninstallation would also wipeout the pre-installed one.. Do a soft reset once you are done... Voila..!
  21. @dimera ++++1000. @mihaidenis.. die sonne..better watchout what you say to chefs here.. They are doing this work on their precious free time .. if you dont have patience to test their roms for bugs, you better not use their roms. Better stick to Samsung stock ones... Even Freedom of speech has some limits.. Show respect to get respect....
  22. Dear OCK, Thanks for your new updated GTX Classic.. It looks awesome.. i cant wait to try it....:-).... Kudos to you.
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