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  1. Rickardo

    Just ordered a Defy via dealsite

    Yes as stock, but easily overclocked! That is what add.thebadd was referring to. Again, as stock, but how many people buy an Android phone, especially those on here and stick to stock? Really? I briefly had a Wildfire and Defy is better (and I don't mean it was because of Wildfire's QVGA screen), also better than my wife's LG with 5 megapixel and Shnieder-Kruezak lens and way better than my Touch Pro2 (alright, I know this was 3.2 megapixels, but you did say Defy's was worst you had ever seen! :)
  2. Rickardo

    Defy warranty question

    I thought that, but my wife borrowed it for just a couple of hours whilst she was shopping (I took her phone to get unlocked) and lo and behold the glass is scratched (about 2cm long directly vertically down from the ear piece)!! God knows how but no doubt was jiggling around in her handbag with keys etc which was then probably sat on/squashed into the pram - luckily can't see it with the screen on. The sides and back are completely flawless! :lol:
  3. Rickardo

    am i the only one who likes moto blur?

    I must admit, I didn't really give it a chance since all the reviews I read slagged it off, so I never set up my motoblur account - I installed LauncherPro and then set up my work email (still can't believe how poor the exchange implementation is coming from WinMo, i.e. no sub-folder notification, 2 week limit to email sync and no search of server etc) etc manually. I have tried Touchdown but don't see why I should pay for what I consider basic smartphone functionality. I do wonder what I am missing - I think I use moto's calender and notes widgets, Swype and the camera app (I assume as I haven't changed that) but that's about it, I think. Oh and I think the moto portal thing is ok too. Anything else I should try or should I factory reset and give motoblur a try 'whole hog' to see for myself?
  4. Rickardo

    Quality of hinge/keyboard?

    I had a quick look at actual device in CPW and I'm not sure about the hinge - currently have TP2 with no complaints about that mechanism, but this seems to worry me when it is mid action - too separated and soft/loose i.e. not snapping down enough. Rest of phone is very nice in aluminium. Can anyone who has had one for a bit feedback on the hinge, please?
  5. Rickardo

    T-Mobile TP2 Question

    I'm not sure what you mean as the browser tab in TF3D is specifically for Opera anyway? It may be that you mean it reverts to IE when you click on links in emails etc, but mine doesn't, it uses Opera, but that is what it did out of the box. I can't see on my phone anywhere in Opera to make it default if it's not already, I'm afraid - you could manually go to Opera and type opera:config into address bar and see if there are settings in there to change. Otherwise, Skyfire is pretty decent and allows it to be set as default browser - haven't done so on my Touch Pro 2, but did on my S710.
  6. Rickardo

    BBC iPlayer on your Windows Mobile Device

    "BBC iPlayer on your Windows Mobile Device, All you need is Opera 9, streaming player, a decent data bundle+luck" ...or use Skyfire?
  7. Bookmarks = favourites, no? On their website they admit a big problem at present is the inability to import existing favourites (bookmarks), but you can add sites as you visit them and manually add/edit etc. They have a selection of common ones available including BBC sports, Facebook etc. Benefit over Opera mini is that you can make it your default browser. I understand Opera Mobile does, but this is not free!
  8. Skyfire now available as Beta in UK. Just trying it on S710 and seems speedy and resizes BBC iPlayer nicely in landscape. Available for WinMo 5/6 pro and standard: http://get.skyfire.com/ Windows Mobile phones: Skyfire runs on Microsoft Windows 5, 6, and 6.1. We support VGA and QVGA screen resolutions. Skyfire runs on many popular Windows Mobile phones including the HTC Tilt, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Fuze, Motorola Q and Q9, Palm Pro, Palm 800W and Samsung Blackjack II. To check if your phone is compatible with our OS and resolution requirements, please refer to the Microsoft website. Skyfire will not run on Windows Mobile PDAs. Skyfire runs on phones only. Skyfire will not run on WVGA Windows Mobile phones. Skyfire will run on Wi-Fi, however a data plan is recommended.
  9. I also have Windows Mobile 6.0 (on a v1415) and have this problem - I did install the Tracey and Matt fix which seemed to work when I tested it the other week, but now no longer appears to and this Windows official does not install on Windows Mobile 6.0. Anyone any ideas? - just tried at home and it my SMTP email has sent, so must have been my work blocking it (was connected via USB for internet pass-through). Give the TraceyandMatt fix a try.
  10. Been using this for a while (great and thanks), but without Facade and with Google search. Anyone know of simple way (i.e. via cab?) to add windows media player plug-in that I had before on default home screen? Cheers.
  11. Rickardo

    Searching for a htc s710 plugin

    If you install SmartToolkit from e-natives - it includes this pug-in (the battery level inidicator also states the temperature).
  12. Rickardo

    W100 wired remtoe on Vodafone V1415

    But will the same issue with audio drivers still be a problem?
  13. I use a Sandisk 6GB SDHC card just fine on my Vodafone version of the S710 (v1415).
  14. Rickardo

    W100 wired remtoe on Vodafone V1415

    Thanks for trying, Dicketh :( . I can't believe there is no way that it can work since the original headset does - is there anyway anyone with a bit more clout (i.e. Paul!) get onto HTC/Expansys? Does anyone know of an alternative 3.5mm adapter? I don't need a remote - I just want to use my own, half-decent headphones. I see there is another official HTC one and various others on Expansys, but before I waste more oney on postage, I want to know they work on my v1415 - is this too much to ask in this day and age? Although I do like the functions of this phone, I've started to use my old Nokia N91 for longer journeys, purely for the music (plus it's 3G!). Regards, Alec ;)

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