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  1. Chippa


    Music Recognition from Samsung - Midomi Midomi Midomi is the ultimate music search tool because it is powered by your voice. Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music and connect with a community that shares your musical interests. Midomi is a Windows Mobile app, which lets you hum or play a song to get the song’s title and artist name. Midomi Features: - hum songs to identify - play song from radio or media player to identify - lists multiple results after database search Midomi from Freeware ppc site Midomi at XDA-Developers
  2. Is this taking things a bit too far? H1N1 Pandemy Flu Alert v1.2 :) ;) ;)
  3. Sorry James! :D Just got it back today with ROM installed and so far so good. Just reloading all my stuff (thank god for PPCPIMbackup!).
  4. Thanks for replying Paul. Sent it off for a repair as it started to randomly reboot too. See what it comes back with in a week or so. Managed to back up most of my important stuff with PIM Backup before sending it away so no real loss.
  5. All was well with my lovely Diamond for the past 11 months or so (even with the stock T-Mo 1.37 ROM) until today when the phone option stopped working. It's now slow to startup and no matter which way I try the phone doesn't work. Any ideas before trying a hard reset?
  6. Chippa

    playing flv files

    I use TCPMP (version 0.72RC1) on my Compact 4 with stock rom and have never had a crash when playing .flv files. what version are you using? Check File>About on TCPMP
  7. Chippa

    Potential of Diamond

    Just stumbled across it the other day. Installed it on my Compact IV with no problems. Tried and tested. :rolleyes:
  8. Chippa

    Potential of Diamond

    Pocket Karaoke
  9. Tested and working on my Diamond. Pocket CDG
  10. Chippa

    Movement Games

    Resco Bubbles
  11. Chippa


    Fake Call from Trinket Software: Fake Call Overview Fake Call is a quick and easy way to "call yourself" in order to politely escape social situations. While pretending to receive a phone call is possible without any special software, this usually takes too many awkward key presses and fumbling. Fake Call makes it as easy as pressing 1 button, and provides an extremely realistic incoming call experience. It also includes powerful scheduling and personalization features in a simple, unobtrusive user interface. Features Schedule a Fake Call in advance, or generate one on demand. Simple, touch-friendly user interface to quickly schedule a call using predefined intervals. Select a caller from your phone's Contacts. The selected contacts photo and phone number appear when the phone rings. Extremely realistic incoming call experience using your phone's default ringtone and profile settings. Fast, small and optimized for Windows Mobile using native C++ code. Does its job and gets out of your way quickly.
  12. Chippa

    Best Case?

    Check these out (especially the prices which include delivery): Dealextreme Have used them for a variety of products and have not failed me yet. £2-6 for a leather case is not bad. Worth a punt. If you order a few bits then use the code BULKRATE for a discount.
  13. Chippa

    HTC diamond games

    Games on mine: Resco Bubbles (similar to Teeter) Pocket Uno (classic card game) Gamebox Classics (5 games in one Tetris, Snake, etc) Resco Brain Games (keeping the grey matter moving) Azgard Defence (Tower defence game)
  14. Chippa


    I thought this myself. I liked the keyboard on my Vario III and the predictive sentences too. Doesn't seem to be there on the Diamond. I know there's a decent free one on Pocket CM (Pocket CM Keyboard) Haven't tried it on my Diamond yet.
  15. Chippa

    Fun stuff for the HTC Diamond

    Just found the great game Teeter on my Diamond yesterday and have showed it off to many! Try this game called Lunar tilt: Lunar Tilt Seems like it has to be installed into the main memory though. :D

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