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  1. This can also be a network function. On Verizon in the US you will often hear a beep at the end of the ring which signifies that the person you are calling is already connected to someone else. I think that this only occurs if the person you are calling has call waiting (most do) and if you are in digital mode with enhanced features. You may also have to be in your, or their, home area. Sometimes it inexplicably does not work. (There’s a surprise) This is not a feature of the phone however, rather a network service.
  2. sometimes working, sometimes not, 260 contacts. External ID is working great though...
  3. no suggestions, but I have the same problems at home - worse after the 2k3 update. My work PC has been syncing perfectly every time now though was buggy before. Maybe because home is XP pro and work Win2k?
  4. Mine does the same at work. The signal here is so weak that I rarely get one. At times I will get a signal, and the phone wakes up. You may be experiencing the same if you have very poor signal, or even if you just loose a strong signal for a moment...
  5. I have WH04 - works great for me. Have never had a problem.
  6. I'd definitely buy this app. I checked out keep track, which looks nice (if I was not already using money) Are you listening Microsoft? Please release pocket money for smartphone!
  7. I use the speaker phone all the time when my phone is in the cradle. OEM cradle and charger, no issues... Sounds great, though the mic sensitivity does not equal the speaker volume. Its always like this, not just in the cradle
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