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  1. I noticed on the Samsung Australia site they have a special holder for the Omnia which seems to be very light and small. It seems they are aware of the issue and similar to what you have done they have designed a holder to increase airflow and cooling capacity. I just tested this again in cooler weather as the temprature has come down, this time the battery had 70%, plugged it in and charged for about 1/2 hour and became fully charged!!!!! BUT once it fully charged it disabled the charger :) Why does it disable it once its fully charged?
  2. While I realise your statement has some truths, my issue is that the phone disables the charger continuously and does not even allow me to really charge the phone at all.
  3. OK thanks for the reply. In relation to the Omnia getting hot has any experienced this? I know people have talked about it getting hot but what about when it used to navigate in the car? Have other people had the Omnia car charger disable when it gets hot? I guess I am trying to decide wether the phone should be sent back to Samsung for repair or get my refund as the device is unusable as a navigation tool if it is going to disable the charger everytime it gets hot?
  4. My understanding is that if the device gets hot it will disable the charger circuit? Could be wrong but this is what happens on the Omnia, Iphone etc.... The main reason I ask as I said is the Omnia when it get hot disable the car charger which in turn results in a flat battery. I dont neccassirly mind if the phone gets hot but I don't want to get a phone that disables the charger. Does the Touch HD disable the charger when it gets hot?
  5. When you say there has been no issue of irregular charging if the device gets hot then it should disable. So I would assume alot of the battery issues posted here are all due to the device becoming hot and disabling the charger? I could be wrong but I guess I am trying to decide wether this is a complete design fault or just a faulty phone I have received? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the response... The other issue I had with the Omnia was it got so hot when the device was being used as a GPS or USB modem it would disable the charging circuit until you soft reset. Does the Touch HD get hot when using GPS / USB Modem and charging the device?
  7. Hi I recently experienced alot of issues with my Omnia charging. I have since nailed it down to a Hot Device, when I use say GPS and the backlight is on in the car the device seems to get hot and after it gets to hot the device stops charging until you soft reset the device. Can anyone confirm if there devices get hot whilst using it as a navigation device plugged into a car charger? I am sure this will also relate a great deal to why we are not getting full charge out of USB as it seems to get hot when on USB as well so it disables the charging circuit. Any one else have this issue or not have this issue?
  8. Hi there, I am considering buying a Touch HD or XPERIA and had the following questions on charge time etc if you don't mind. Firstly the PDA is used on the road as a GPS navigation device and needs to be charged in the car by the cigarette socket to some degree whilst navigating. 1) How long does the Touch HD take to charge by an AC Adaptor? 2) Has anyone used the Touch HD with a Car Charger and been able to either remain constant battery or even charge the device from a cigarette lighter or USB port while the phone is use as a Modem or GPS device? 3) How long does it take to charge the phone from USB? Look forward to the replies, I have posted the same thing on the XPERIA board as I need a phone that will charge in car and after already returning my Omnia becuase it could not do this I am hesitant to buy something else that can't be used to navigate and be charged at the same time. Thanks!
  9. My MIO A701 charges from USB perfectly. I went throught this exact issue with my Omnia and ultimately returned it, I have one question for you though, What happens when you want to use the phone as a GPS in the car and charge it from the cigarette lighter? Don't want to burst the bubble and I am glad you have found a way to charge it from usb but the fundamental flaw of this phone is it charging capacity sucks. The GPS for example draws more than the battery can handle so you will never have a charged phone when you are driving. This is the sole reason why I returned my Omnia. I use other PDA's and they have no issue charging the same type of battery from both the USB on a PC and a Car charger but the Omnia fails. Not sure about the new XPERIA or Touch hd as I am looking to get one of those since my Omnia was returned. The reason it wont charge when it is low is the phone has a protection mode to protect the battery. The protection mode disables charging while power is in use and the battery is critically low and something is consuming alot of power such as GPS, Bluetooth, Active Synce etc etc. The protection mode disables the power source what ever it is to stop the phone from being charged as it can harm the battery. You will find this protection will disable any charger type such as AC Adaptor, Cigarette , USB if you are draining the battery like running the GPS or similiar and the battery is low your charger will cut off or not charge. The way to get around is disconnect the cable whatever it is, reboot the phone and plug your cable back in. This is what happens in the car to me, the GPS is on and the charger can not keep up so eventually you get a low battery warning and then the charger shuts of to put the phone into protection mode then the phone eventually shuts off. Only if I reboot the phone does it keep charging, it does not fully charge and eventually dies but gets me to my location and leaves with a nice flat battery for the remainder of the day. Also I noticed the Omnia takes about 4hours to fully charge from a wall socket, if that has more power than USB how long is it going to take to charge from USB or a cigaratee lighter maybe 6 to 8 hours of constant charging only if you are not using a program that is draining the battery. Then turn your gps on if it could do it you may be looking at something like 15 hours to get a full charge. Finally my MIO A701 while it is not 3G outperforms the Omnia on this level, yesterday I got in the car and it had 10% battery on the MIO plugged into cigarette lighter and turned the GPS on after about 1 hour driving it was at 50% charge, two hours later 100% charge with the GPS going and bluetooth. The device was warm but no way near as hot as the Omnia and charged. Its disappointing that Samsung developed such a good phone but left out the all important part of keeping it charged so we can use the features they included. They call it the "All In One Phone" but I think Samsung left one thing out and that is portability for people on the road and led me to return the device to look for something else. I like the phone and if a fix was around the corner would hang onto mine but the response from samsung was it is hardware design fault and not something that can be fixed by software. Not sure if you have it in your models but in the Australian handbook that comes with the phone it says "The phone will not fully charge or charge at all when the battery is being consumed by another power source" not the exact words but you can see they know about this issue and did nothing to resolve it before launching the phone.
  10. Thanks for that, unfortunately it seems that the Omnia drains the battery faster than it can charge. I tried it exactly as you have stated but within 1/2 an hour or more the battery is flat. If the Omnia would remain constant at its power level from when it is plugged into USB or the Cigarette lighter it would not be an issue and I would do as everyone has suggested. Unfortunately the GPS sucks the battery dry even when plugged into the car charger and the same with USB. Even if I start with 100% battery I will eventually end up at nothing. I have a MIO A701 and I use in the same instance as a USB Modem and GPS, admittibaly not 3G but it charges the device completley regardless of its use GPS or Modem. I spoke to Samsung and they where not really helpfull, I can either get a replacement phone or refund. I am leaning towards a refund and getting something like the Touch HD or waiting for some other model over the next couple of months as things get released in 09. My experience this fas with Omnia is very sour, I have been walking around with a flat phone for a week and it is driving me insane. My MIO cost me a 1/4 of the price of the Omnia and was alot more reliable than this. Appreciate all the help and if you have any other ideas or thoughts about which device to move onto next please let me know.
  11. does anyone use a car charger and gps with the omnia? surely im not the only one?
  12. Last test and thats it I am packing it in. Charged the phone last night, 4 hours with the ac adaptor. Turned it on, took one call and an sms, browsed the web for 20 minutes just modaco and some other text pages and 5 minutes gmail chat. Phone is it at 40 percent?????? :) Now I read the manual and it states that if the battery is low and you are using alot of power the phone will not be able to charge when connected to any power source other than the AC adaptor. This to me states that if you are using GPS as you are driving and have a 40% battery charge then even if you have the phone plugged into the cigarette lighter it is not going to charge and when you get out you will still have either 40% battery or less. Now I ask a question this is a top end phone $700 AUS and it does not even have the ability to get a charge when it is connected to a car charger? My MIO A701 even had this capability and my IPHONE? I am about to return my Omnia and purchase something else what does everyone think about this? I really like the Omnia but if I can not use it as a GPS and have it charge while driving it is useless to me and unfortunate that Samsung does not make this clear when purchasing the phone. My understanding is a car charger is a car charger and should charge the phone not just make it look like its charging!
  13. i just tried it in the car with a genuine car charger. the battery was flat one bar.drove with it on charge for 40 minutes it increased one bar.after 5 minutes net browsing i got a battery flat warning.is this normal charging time for an omnia with a car charger / usb?
  14. Hi there, I have a omnia I am using it as a USB modem connected to a laptop that is plugged into a power point. Now I am assuming that while it is connected by USB it should be charging the phone? Everytime I remove the USB cable it gives me a battery low warning and it appears it has not charged at all. The phone is brand new just one week old. I contacted the place i purchased it from and they swapped over the battery. Is it supposed to charge by USB and if so do other people get a similiar error or not?
  15. Hi everyone, firstly In am fully aware that Static Navigation is a feature of the SIRF GPS Chipsets configuration. Having said that I have both a SIRF chipped PDA and a Omnia PDA with the Qualcomm, when geo caching with the OMNIA I appear to be impacted by the Static Navigation issue I had on the SIRF PDA. To disable Static Navigation on a SIRF GPS chip was very easy to do, with Qualcomm it seems to be another story. I wanted to start a discussion wether any one has been able to disable the Static Navigation type feature in the OMNIA? I read a similiar post for the Kaiser phone on XDA developers located here. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=388576 I tried to search for a similiar key in the OMNIA registry just to see if there was anything similar in the OMNIA but I found nothing. If any one has overcome this issue or has more information on it I would greatly appreciate it as the only thing missing on my Omnia is the ability to geocache and have the GPS update at walking speed not driving speed and then I can bin my old PDA!!!
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