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  1. I finally subscribed. Set it up on my smartphone, on my iphone and outlook... works perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zimbra is finally a Yahoo company. It is exactly like Exchange. I don't care about tasks When I change something on my Outlook, it also changes immediately on my phone. Emails arrive instantly. I would suggest it. Works perfectly and is cheap!
  2. I found a service called Everpush ( http://www.everpush.com ) that offers full Push Email (through outlook or Entourage), along with contacts and calendar synchronization. They have a special offer of 3.33€ / month. They say it is based on Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Anybody knows if it is working? Thinking of trying.
  3. I'd love to see a super slim smartphone with the specs of S730 without the sliding qwerty keyboard
  4. Does this language pack work on Toshiba G500's xT9 platform?
  5. You mean the existing WM5 ROM? I'm afraid it's not easy :rolleyes:
  6. You have to flash your S620 with T-mobile Dash's WM6 ROM in order this to work. However, since your native language is English, your daily communication is in English and WM6 ROM has only English pre-installed, I don't know if you really need to load the other languages...
  7. Can you post or send me a picture of the Italian keyboard?
  8. eT9 (xT9) Language Pack for Excalibur is prepared as well http://www.modaco.com/Excalibur-eT9-Langua...ck-t255603.html
  9. Based on Paul's Vox eT9 Language Pack, I prepared an eT9 Language Pack, suited for HTC Excalibur (HTC S620, T-Mobile Dash, SPV E600) with any WM6 ROM that bears eT9 (xT9). It is based on my HTC S620 with T-Mobile's WM6 ROM, however it should be working with any future WM6 ROM. It contains the following languages: English French German Italian Spanish Dutch Czech Greek Romanian Polish Portugese Sloval Turkish Hungarian For those who want to use Greek Language with 160 characters on SMSs, they should also install the SMS160 utility by Ace Hellas. However, there are some issues with"Tab" and "Sym" keys that need to be solved and your help will be appreciated. I don't know if several keyboard mappings exist around for this device; mine is the one with £,$,€ symbols on J,K,L letters respectively. If you have a different keyboard, let me know. Thanks, Costas (kalantz) Greece. Excalibur_eT9_Lang_Pack_v1.cab
  10. I sent it back to Expansys within 7 days with the following comments: - TipTalk Voip client doesn't work, even with standard / famous SIP servers (Voipbuster, etc) - 1200 mAh battery goes down within 15 hours (normal use). Furthermore, if Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G are on it goes down even with the charger attached. - Camera client seems to forget user's settings. Even if they located the faults, their respond, based on Toshiba's policy, was that since this a common behaviour for all G500s, the device cannot be considered "faulty". :rolleyes: :P :D
  11. Any chance to see a WM6 upgrade?
  12. Processor: ARM920T PXA27x (no speed) Total Storage: 49.13 MB Total Memory: 51.26 MB
  13. and what about WM5? Tiptalk (Toshiba G500) does not work for with my SIP provider ;)
  14. are there any working voip clients for WM5/6 ?
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