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  1. I've decided to jump ship to Android ;) Is there an equivalent to NoData for Android to avoid running up roaming data charges on the HTC Desire?
  2. Opera Mini is cr*p on the S730 - takes far too long to load up and is difficult to navigate. Anything that lets me get to 'proper' web pages instead of the cut down mobile versions forced on us by some sites isn't a bad thing. In the meantime, I'm off to Skyfire. I'm in the US at the moment, so the download should work... ;)
  3. I'm visiting the US at the moment and bought myself a T-Mobile PAYG sim. They have just increased the charge for SMS (incoming AND outgoing) to 20 cents each from 10 out, 5 in. Rip off isn't the word. I've got voice calls at 10 cents a minute, so call instead of text where I can.
  4. From a slightly ancient FAQ at http://www.ainslie.org.uk/callerid/cli_faq.htm: The original specs for Caller ID allow for the name of the caller to be sent as well as the number. This service is widespread in North America, whereas BT got as far as a small trial, in Edinburgh I think, and then quietly dropped the whole idea citing "privacy problems". The only bulk method for getting caller names would be to do a reverse lookup of numbers in the published phone directories. This is legal in N America but not UK or Ireland, so I can't see this service being of much use here.
  5. SmartToolkit from e-natives.com has a copy/paste application that works on the S730. I've got mine set to operate by holding down the '0' button on the phone pad, which then displays a set of buttons to highlight/copy/paste/etc. Works well in anything text based, e.g. emails, contacts or word. Don't install the latest RC09 version though, use RC08D which is much more stable.
  6. No, I got the notification as well. Nice to be one of the Special Few. :D I agree with everything you say, but would add that T-Mo also offer loyalty discounts if you are willing to extend your old contract without taking a new handset. I did this last year and now have £5 discount on top of my original Half Price Line Rental offer! I used the discount to pay for WnW plus (I am still on the original 40MB/month WnW basic tariff), so I get 200 mins + 3GB data for just £16.38 a month. I've been through the usual CS misinformation process when I've called them but lately, emails via the form on the My T-Mobile page (i.e. not by regular email) have always got through to someone that understands and can sort out the problem. The last couple of times these have also been followed up by 'customer care' calls from Germany to make sure I am happy.
  7. I wouldn't have thought that many. Looking at the premium apps, FlightStats offers pretty detailed information for free anyway - I use it a lot!
  8. I presume you are talking about the Smartphone versions. There are some free utilities that will do this - have a search for ResetBtn or SmartToolkit.
  9. If you just download email headers then you'll pay a couple of quid. MSN will be megabucks! You can check by looking at your account in My T-Mobile. From a PC you can download your data usage so you should be able to work out your normal use.
  10. Two methods: 1. Change the registry key HKLM / Software / Microsoft / Internet Explorer / AboutURLs to whatever page you want 2. Rename or delete the homepage in your /Windows directory (check the file://\address shown in your browser - mine is default_0809.htm). (You will need to use a file manager like Total Commander to do this because it is a system file). Next time you open your browser Windows will replace the file with the standard WM6 home page, which has a Windows Live search box, your most recent favourites and browsing history. Much better than the useless HTC screen on my S730!
  11. $14.95 seems expensive for what it does. Especially when there are utilities out there that do the same thing for free!
  12. I agree with your comments about IMAP being superior to POP, but I don't like the way Gmail handles deletions from my phone. If I delete something from my PC's outlook inbox then the mail gets archived. If I do the same from my phone's inbox the mail gets put into a 'IMAP/Deleted Items' folder in Gmail. But I do like the other features of IMAP. It is helpful when I look at mail on my PC to know which ones I have already opened, which doesn't always happen with POP.
  13. Windows Mobile often doesn't recognise manual WiFi settings. Delete the network from your phone, set your router as suggested and wait for the handset to prompt for the connection and security key. Don't set anything on the handset until prompted. It isn't a bad idea to start from basics: Start by seeing if you can connect with network as b and g only. If you still have problems, remove all the security to see if the router is talking to the phone at all. Belkin routers aren't the greatest - I wouldn't be surprised if it's got something to do with the pre-N implementation on your hardware.
  14. Not easily. Version 5.2 was the last one designed for smartphones (WM Standard). Version 6 needs a touchscreen, so it would only work on the S710 if you were prepared to use a pointer application.
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