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  1. I bought the Anker Astro A7 ... when away with work, I can charge two phones and my tablet at the same time. Really pleased with Anker kit.
  2. I must admit, that my OnePlus One has been amazing .... on KitKat. As soon as it went to Android 5.x it's been destined for the bin. Oxygen OS has major interface flaws. CM12s isn't any better. They both have an awful bug whereby when losing signal, it switches to roaming, and is then loathed to switch back to a normal network with data. In my case this dropping from Three to Orange for 2G services. The only option is to reboot the phone. The OPO was sold on the promise that it is a community supported phone by Cyanogen, and software updates would be on a par with Nexus devices. Yet they couldn't maintain a business relationship. I moved from Samsung to Nexus because of bloatware and untimely updates. Yet I'm now thinking LG G4 or Samsung S6.
  3. It looks an amazing handset ... entered! :) #CrossesEverything !
  4. Hi All I'm after some help/advice! I have a spreadsheet which I regularly update, which resides on dropbox. I can sync it to my device with Dropsync if needed. The first sheet of this spreadsheet contains a summary, of which I'd like the data placed on a widget within Android. Detail: The spreadsheet contains multiple sheets, with each bank account, credit card etc. The first sheet contains the list of accounts and respective balances. I'd like a very simple widget on a homescreen replicating the same information. So that when I update the spreadsheet on my device or laptop, it is then synced to dropbox to remain up to date. But the data from the front page is read into the widget. Does anyone know of the best way to achieve this? I'd thought about a spreadsheet widget? But not had much joy with that one. I'd also thought about using Tasker to parse the data from the local copy of the spreadsheet. Don't know if this is possible. HEEEEELP! Free biscuits for the best answer! :P
  5. I'm sure Paul can help. I'll point him in direction of this.
  6. Folks, Whilst I'm happy rooting my phone and installing ROM's, I must admit that I don't fully understand what goes on in the background. For instance, I was happily running Paranoid Android on my Note 2 LTE. Yet yesterday I decided to go through and delete apps that I not longer find that I use. This morning none of my alarms went off, and the bluetooth would connect to the car, and then randomly disconnect and then reconnect. At times the phone light would be flashing, yet would not wake with the menu or power button! Is it feasible that by removing an application, it can affect other functions of the phone???? I'm currently performing a helium backup and wondering if I need to reflash the current ROM and then reinstall/reconfigure all my apps. This process drives me mad, and nothing would drain my soul more than constantly flashing different roms! But I think that's down to me not taking time to understand which backup methods are best to get from a flashed ROM to a fully working phone very quickly. Thanks for any advice/tips.
  7. Seems absolutely daft doesn't it .... "Here buy this phone, it's the greatest phone ever, running a sweet android OS". "What's that sir, you'd like to actually touch and feel it?" "Oh no, you can't do that, but you can look, but not touch a non-working model!" "Now will you buy it?" <Pressure Sales> I refuse to buy instore from CPW as their returns policy is absolutely awful too .. yet if you buy over the internet you get the luxury of Distance Selling Regs to cover you. I guess for most people now, they need to get a phone over the internet and then have the 14 day no quibble return policy. Pain in the behind though. ... and they wonder why all high streets are full of coffee shops and charity shops! :)
  8. haha that's what I'd popped here to find out. My mother currently has hand-me-down handsets from my sister, but they are really quite old ones now, as I tend to sell mine on. She's asked for a phone with a decent camera. But I'm thinking "If it's got a camera, she's going to want to view the pictures too, so will need a larger screen". So smartphone it is ... but would like it SIM unlocked to allow her to use her current number.
  9. Might be worth a second GMail account just to give it a whirl to see what's needed. For me, I like the Google Play interface. I'm currently a Spotify Premium subscriber, mainly because I use: Queues Playlists Offline Playlists etc. Having a desktop app is great too. Also I like thinks such as the BBC Playlists within Spotify and having other vendor tie-ins such as Onkyo support. Until GooglePlay Music matures, I'm not sure it meets my needs. Although granted Spotify does tend to go through phases of being cancelled and re-activated ... similar to Sky! :P
  10. Aaaargh!!! I've just spent considerable time finding a task application which allows me to segregate Home and Work tasks. Then detail work tasks by project with sub-task. Which has a good web interface and a great android app with notifications/deferral etc. I'd looked at Any.do Producteev Astrid ToodleDo etc I'd finally settled on Astrid, as it was a close race with Any.Do, but Astrid had individual notifications in Android notification panel, rather than a scrolling list. PLUS Any.do wouldn't allow you to view individual task lists on their own, it insisted on scrolling back to the top each time. Just after migrating totally to Astrid they removed the Power Pack and explained it had all been integrated into the main app. Ooooh saving cash! Then the announcement. Aaaaargh!
  11. Fantastic ... well worth dusting it off for. Although I have some Withings Wifi scales, this is probably a better purchase for someone looking to sync their weight to fitness sites.
  12. Ok, I think I need to root this phone now! I've been running Ingress, and want to have Ingress on one half of the screen, and a map on the bottom half!
  13. Chaps, what's the latest with regards to Google Wallet in the UK? I realise that it's not officially released by Google at present. I also understand that you can install it onto the likes of a Galaxy Note 2 using the leaked APK, and a rooted handset. However can you now successfully add UK credit/debit cards ... and use them for payment? Secondly other than waiting for Google to release this, are we then going to wait upon our respective carriers to support Wallet? I'm just trying to get a grip on the situ! Taaaa
  14. The only reason I think I would need to root this handset is to get Google Wallet installed. That so far is my only temptation.
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