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  1. zomig

    Upgrade from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3

    the link i posted is to update from 78c , there is another link if you have the stock from. You can get this over at xda.
  2. zomig

    OTA Intsall Reminder

    Although apparently the 2.3.3 has been released, there are no confirmed urls for the download. also i beleive Paul is away for a week if i recall, think i read that somewhere, anniversary or something. it will be up when someone actually has it. Now url been released Here this is unmodified.
  3. zomig

    Upgrade from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3

    2.3.3 is now out...... see link over at xda Here Now url been released for the actual update straight from google Here this is unmodified.
  4. zomig

    A2SD+ with 32gb card

    I had to wait a good 5-10 minutes on the first boot when putting a new 32gb card in my desire. It will be worth repartitioning the card then flashing the rom again and when it gets to the "android" boot logo, just leave it. If all is ok then it will eventually boot but as stated this can take anywhere between 5-10 minutes on the first boot. Worked for me so may work for you.
  5. Just tried this over the top of r8 and left it for about 6 minutes and it booted. Cant beleive i missed this as it could of saved me a lot of time. Thanks for the input, i will probably do a clean install as it appears I am getting duplicate widgets on my home screens for some reasons. Not an issue as i usually install from scratch but thought i would test before i wipe it again for the 50th time. Thanks for your help anyway.
  6. So yours boots up displays the white background with the htc logo then goes past this to a black back ground and the word "Android" which is animated and then from this point the phone will take around 5 minutes to then move on from the first boot ? I have not seen this before, i have seen it when it just sits on the White Back ground and HTC logo but i can also normally see the "Quietly Brilliant" on the screen as well. In my case this is not getting that far, all the previous roms have never shown this screen before so do you know if this is something new that was brought in on r9 ? I might give it another go and just leave it for 10 minutes, i have given up on the number of times i have now flashed this and variations of the same rom with different options selected.
  7. Anybody seen a problem where when you install this r9 rom with the A2SD+, the rom installs and then reboots and then goes past the htc boot screen (NO quietly brilliant is displayed) then it goes to an animated android logo wihch just says the word "Android" and just stays there. I have had no problem installing all the other roms from r6/r7/r8, i have completely wiped including ext partition. I just cannot get past this animated android boot logo. Things I have already tried which have not helped. Completely wiping sd card and repartitioning using latest AmonRA (also tried clockworkmod from within the app), the sdcard is partitioned using standard setting swap=0, ext=-512mb, rest fat32. tried another sdcard using same method as above, no luck. Before flashing full wipe/factory reset performed including data/cache/davlik/ext. It must be something in this R9 my phone just does not like. Options i am selecting are as follows Google Applications Gallery 3D Live Wallpapers Messaging Maps / Street View News and Weather Voice Dialler Voice Search YouTube HTC Applications App Sharing installed to /system partition Calculator installed to /system partition Car Panel installed to /system partition Flashlight installed to /system partition FM Radio installed to /system partition Lock Screen installed to /system partition Mail installed to /system partition News / RSS installed to /system partition Sense / Rosie installed to /system partition SIM Toolkit installed to /system partition Voice Recorder installed to /system partition Weather installed to /system partition World Clock installed to /system partition Modified Applications none HTC Sense Widgets (You must include Sense / Rosie to use these widgets) Battery Widget installed to /data partition Coin Flip Widget installed to /data partition Fortune Cookie Widget installed to /data partition Quick Recorder installed to /data partition Tip Calculator Widget installed to /data partition Third Party Applications Facebook installed to /system partition MoDaCo Additions AdFree installed to /data partition ASE + Scripts installed to /data partition Spare Parts installed to /data partition Titanium Backup installed to /data partition WaveSecure installed to /system partition WiFi Status Indicator installed to /data partition Boot Options Disable Boot Sound Trackpad Wake Options (select only one!) Trackpad Wake with Power WiFi Options (select only one!) Standard WiFi Expert Options A2SD+ Disable IPv6 Disable perflock I have searched this thread and others and have not come up with a solution, there are reports that it is down to the ext partition but i have recreated this from scrathc with my original sd card and with another card and still this rom does not boot. I can load other roms fine that i have downloaded from modaco previously like the r7 and r8 all have app2sd+ selected and pretty much the same options selected. Not quite sure what has changed in this rom but something is not right with it on my phone. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  8. no problem, i read the other thread and it was not as obvious as i thought but for reference it is below. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...f-just-arrived/
  9. you have to register it no matter what even if you plan on throwing it away....
  10. This has already been answered in a previous thread, you need to activate the phone/sim by going to www.orange.co.uk/activate as it states on your invoice at the bottom. this will then lift the bar on the phone.
  11. zomig

    SF just arrived...

    You need to go to orange.co.uk/activate as your sim has a bar on it like all new sims orange send out. this will lift the bar.
  12. zomig

    2G/3G Switch for Froyo?

    Yep, just installed on my custom built kitchen rom R8 and all is working. Finally a direct 3g/2g switch that actually works, some great features as well. Use the signed install as the unsigned would not work. Thanks
  13. zomig

    MCR r8 development archive

    The market is the only thing i am having issues with on this rom. Having to try several times to get apps to download and install. They do eventually install but not on the first try.
  14. you will only get the update if you are running a stock rom....
  15. zomig

    Market not updating apps (MCR r6)

    Happens to me as well, same rom.

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