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  1. Thanks :) I thought i was going nuts :)
  2. Can we not log into recovery mode from the bootloader screen??? switching to recovery mode and clicking the power button, makes it hang on Google screen. Using volume up+down and power Any ideas?
  3. Zeus1022

    How I use Tasker

    Would you be so kind to upload the profile file for at least the tablet...........i wanna learn tasker but also use something to compare mine with someones that KNOWS how to use the app in its fullest ability :) Thanks :)
  4. Zeus1022

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    If you place the zip in root of the card, reboot in bootloader and the phone should apply it.
  5. Zeus1022

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    I am using r13 and doesnt seem to be rooting the G2 All boxes unticked Ran temp root Ran Perm-root Reboots Terminal $su Permission denied Is there more to this then just what i did?? I did NOT install HBoot. Trying to root without messing around with the HBoot TIA Any help would be appreciated :rolleyes:
  6. Zeus1022

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Is the new version suppose to flicker the screen??? Disregard, had to uniinstall and reinstall the new version....all good now =)
  7. Zeus1022

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    I would suggest rebooting your phone and trying again
  8. Zeus1022

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Suppose to, im guessing. Mine was the same but after like 15 seconds, it finished. Sent me straight back to my homescreen when it was done
  9. Zeus1022

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Tried it out and works.......had to click it twice *visionary* for superuser to allow root to specific apps
  10. Zeus1022

    Google hit with C&D

    What a do^%&e bag :)
  11. Zeus1022

    Remote desktop access

    There is PhoneMyPC on the market
  12. Zeus1022

    changing opera homepage to medianet

    Which version opera?? I suggest going to the page you want, as your homepage. Click Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General and click "Use current" as in the current web page you are at.
  13. Zeus1022

    Upgrade to WM6

    The only thing i hate about HTC site, is that i have to have a HTC dash. A t-mobile unlocked will not get me the upgrade :( I am getting tired off looking all over the net for the HTC rom upgrade to WM6. I heard it a whole lot faster then T-Mobiles.

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