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  1. Hmmm doesn't appear to be any possible Tegra based devices there with a hdmi socket. The Whitestone is the only possible candidate :)
  2. Tried J2ME VNC client from : http://j2mevnc.sourceforge.net/ It starts but fails to connect to a remote machine running a vnc server process. Gives the error "Connection Refused". I know the VNC server is fine because I can connect to it using SmartVNC from my spv. Still no working VNC solution for the SPV yet ;)
  3. Chaos War of the Wizards. Perfect for the SPV with the right controls. The source code for a Gameboy Advance port is available at : http://www.geocities.com/quirky_2k1/html/download.html Screenshots at : http://www.geocities.com/quirky_2k1/html/c...aosscreens.html Mame would also be nice. :)
  4. I'd like to see a full featured VNC client. SmartVNC was an excellent start but it kind of died a death. :) Also, how about an app to send and receive faxes from the SPV? Not sure if this would be possible though.
  5. Ah ok that explains it :) Yeah I have the same problem with scrolling around the window. The screen doesn't refresh for some reason. How's things progressing Cent? I can't wait for the next update :(
  6. Marksankey If you are using a NAT router (i.e your wireless lan) you will need to port forward 5900 to the internal IP address of the machine on your network you want to connect to. When you use vnc on your mobile to connect enter the IP address allocated by your ISP to connect to. Note that when you connect the vnc application will drop back to the menu until a connection is made. You will also need to make sure the gprs is dialed on your mobile before you use vnc. (I just browse to a web page in IE on the phone first and then quit it once the line is up). Cheers, Richard.
  7. Hmm, just discovered that sub songs don't appear to be supported. Is this planned?
  8. I found that it wouldn't list .s3m files unless I renamed them to .mod Excellent work though frijj2k! :)
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