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  1. Is it possible to install this theme on My Storage instead of Storage Card? It appears that the theme is hard-coded to access images from storage card, regardless of where you direct it to install when installing the .cab. Tnx.
  2. Excellent! I thought it would be something simple... Thanks.
  3. I've had reasonable success editing on the PC (kind-of) using mymobiler to control the Omnia from the PC, with the PC's keyboard and mouse used for input/control. -PPS
  4. Gato, Thanks for updating the graphics labels but in a future version would you mind making the text labels all caps so that they match the other graphics? -PPS
  5. Gato, I assume that when you say you already fixed this problem that you mean you corrected the links to the .wav files (it was in French) that were pointing to the wrong path so the default system sound is used instead of the theme sound. I manually corrected these using Samsung widget open/close sounds but installing the updated version of the theme undid that!
  6. I installed this theme on my Omnia and it looks and works great! I did have to make some minor adjustments in graphic positions (e.g. the horizontal position of the digital clock) but nothing too extensive. I noticed that the engraved labels on the following graphics were not changed from the French to English can you change these and post here please?: btn-emails-on.png = Unread Emails btn-sms-on = Unread SMS btn-contacts-on = Missed Calls (I guess???) This is simply the best WAD2 theme I have used and it's very functional and complements the style of the Omnia perfectly.
  7. Thanks to all the expert instructions and hard work from the pioneers here and at AllShadow.com, here is my custom home screen, with full background and color icon bar. For this I simply modified the original T-Mogile default theme by replacing the graphics and changing cmhome.home.xml.
  8. Clock+MyFaves Home Screen: I think a soft reset is needed after the change with NeoOrder but even then it does not work reliably. That is, myfaves (if you have that function) does not always start or starts and displays the "myfaves is off" message. In fact I can never tell when both myfaves and the clock will both run after a soft reset but it does run sometimes as is evident in this screen shot. MyFaves is 3rd menu item from the top on the home screen. I think both registry keys: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome\CClock\Disabled and HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome\CMyFaves\Disabled need to be set to value 0 and there has to be no pending updates to myfaves settings for both the clock and myfaves to appear on the home screen after a soft reset. The stupid thing is that it does work but not predictably.
  9. Check out Post #90 in this thread for the answer.
  10. The purple theme: I am actually using the default brown theme but with edited graphics by doing a color swapping change (RGB to BRG). For the color change I simply took the graphic files (as noted earlier in this thread) and changed them using IrfanView and GIMP (for those with the transparent background) then copied them back over the ones in the \windows folder on the SP. The clock font: The clock font is actually a bitmap font, where the numbers and hh:mm separator are basically a number or the separator character on a 22x32 px or 5x14 px (I modded this to 6x15 px) transparent background respectively. On the Shadow, the files are in: \windows\CHome_clock_*_large.png. What I did was: in GIMP create a transparent background, large enough to type all the numbers in the size needed using the text tool, select the desired font and size then type all the numbers (0-9) in white text (or your desired color) on the transparent background copy/paste each number individually onto a 22x32 px transparent background and save the result as the appropriate number (e.g. number 0 as CHome_clock_0_large.png etc.) replaced the files CHome_clock_*_large.png on the smart phone do a soft reset...and that's it!
  11. I haven't seen one yet so just wanted to share my mod of the NEO home screen clock font. Basically, I did not like the digital clock font/typeface for the home screen so I created one which looks like this: If anyone is interested in knowing how I did this mod let me know and I will post details.
  12. Paul or anyone who has done this: Is there a way to have both myfaves and the clock (i.e. the normal NEO home screen) enabled at the same time? First, I used the neoOrder utility to set plugins in the order: Clock:myfaves:notifications:appointments:... then I made the specified registry changes (enabling both clock and myfaves) after activating myfaves after a soft reset, myfaves appears and the clock disappears. When I proceed to check the registry setting, the key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome\CClock\Disabled has the value 1, even though it was set to value 0 before the soft reset. Another strange/unusual observations with my phone (T-Mobile Shadow - copper, which was a phone upgrade as well as to a myfaves plan) is that there appears to be no automatic myfaves startup application on my setup. I have to manually start myfaves after a soft reboot.
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