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  1. I've heard aug/sept on vodafone. No idea of the cost.
  2. I've heard around september for Vodafone too. Probably means it's going to be out before the Xperia, so I can't decide which to go for now.
  3. I heard that too, but apparently some stock has arrived.
  4. It's available to order now http://www.vodafonebusinessshop.co.uk/Deta...amond-3021.html
  5. woogal

    WM6.1 available on HTC site

    I've heard it's still in testing. Don't have any idea of a release date.
  6. Vodafone are reporting that the v1615 is out of stock, with a new version being released in early June. Fits in with the news that the new HTC ROM should be available this month. http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=2006
  7. Don't forget that any date you'll hear is likely to be just the SE release date. If you want to get it on a contract you'll have to wait for the networks to complete their tests, which can sometimes take months.
  8. woogal

    Vodafone add 'unlimited' Internet to new price plans!

    That's because the whole bundle has changed, not the way it's advertised. Before the 1st it was £7.50 for 120mb then you pay extra if you go over (just as it was sold to you). Now it's £5 with a fair use amount of 500mb. I think if you've got the old £7.50 one it has now automatically changed to the fair use bundle instead, but there's more info about that on the vodafone forum.
  9. woogal

    Vodafone add 'unlimited' Internet to new price plans!

    No, unlimited means it has no data limit (you've always been able to browse whatever you like). It's fair use, not a limit, so you'll just get a warning or something if you keep going over 500mb, instead of being hit with a charge.
  10. woogal

    Vodafone add 'unlimited' Internet to new price plans!

    More info here - http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/index.php?s=&a...ost&p=10331
  11. woogal

    Vodafone SMTP problems

    Well I've just connected to an smtp server via my vodafone usb modem and tried sending an email using raw commands so I could see if vodafone were messing with the data. The traffic wasn't redirected to any vodafone smtp servers, the auth was successful, and the email was sent. I'll give it a try with my phone sim in a minute, just in case data sims are routed differently to phone sims. Edit: same thing with a phone sim. Works perfectly.
  12. woogal

    Vodafone SMTP problems

    What does it say when it makes the gprs connection? connecting to contract internet, contract wap, or something else?
  13. woogal

    Vodafone SMTP problems

    Which APN are you using, internet or wap.vodafone.co.uk (or pp.vodafone.co.uk if you're on PAYT)? I can't imagine internet would screw with things, but wap.vodafone.co.uk could well do all kinds of strange stuff (I avoid it wherever possible).
  14. woogal

    I swear to god I'm cursed.

    My v1615 upgraded to the voda 6.1 rom updated perfectly.
  15. All vodafone handsets come unlocked these days, and if you do happen to have an older one that is locked you can get the unlock code for free if you're on a contract.

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