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  1. Yes, stock ICS will pull the high res photo from the contact's Google+ profile if it's linked. I've found another potential bug. I can't seem to enable NFC. The NFC icon flashes briefly in the status bar and goes away repeatedly. I'm going to try a wipe/factory reset to see if that helps.
  2. Bug report: People app does not pull contact photo from Google+. Using vanilla/stock lock screen and pattern lock, when receiving an incoming call I have to slide unlock, enter pattern and tap the "Answer" button. On stock ICS I just have to slide to answer.
  3. Hi Paul. Has the kitchen been updated with the stock Messaging app? Just checking before I try to bake another custom ROM. Thanks!
  4. I selected the stock Google Messaging app but it still installs the HTC version instead.
  5. I just unrooted my own Nexus One yesterday. I used this file: http://www.shipped-roms.com/download.php?c...ease_signed.zip Download it and rename it PASSIMG.zip and put it in the root of the SD card. Boot up to bootloader and follow the prompts. That restores it to stock EPE54 2.1 update 1. As soon as I set up my Google account on it the phone downloaded the updates and after a couple of reboots I have FRG83D. Good luck.
  6. Can you get to Recovery or Fastboot? Hold down the Volume Down button while booting up. If you can do that you should be able to re-flash with a working ROM.
  7. The display auto brightness seems to not work very well. The brightness seems to be set too bright. Is there a way to tweak the auto settings?
  8. I haven't seen that issue myself. Did you flash it with or without the radio image? I flashed mine with the radio and it works fine.
  9. Legacy A2SD/A2SD+ would be nice. Option for stock Launcher instead of ADW would be awesome. Thanks, Paul!
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