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  1. Airport Mania First Flight Angry birds Abduction . I can't seem to get passed A in the games titles for some reason :unsure:
  2. I am waiting with my finger poised on the buy button for your opinions ;)
  3. I do want one but am slightly put off by the lack of flash player :lol:
  4. Any Idea's how to make it charge off the car charger and stop the annoying car mode icon ?
  5. I had a software update on my sim free Desire day before yesterday its now version 2.29.405.2 ;)
  6. I will buy one as soon as possible and hopefully by then Paul will have the idiots guide to the improvements completed :P
  7. According to the news page There is a 3G SIM card slot can anyone confirm this ?
  8. I stood behind a Toshiba rep in my local PCworld earlier playing with the Folio and when I commented on the slow and jerky scrolling he said they are all like that , when pressed he said ALL tablets are bad at scrolling so I started scrolling on the Galaxy Tab next to him and when it scrolled nicely , I commented that the Tab must be broken as it was not jerky and walked away ....what a Muppet
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