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  1. wow yeah that's not right at all. I noticed you are using 6.5.x. The messaging code is actually different for that version of windows mobile. That is probably the problem you are having, but I couldn't tell you for sure as I don't use that version.
  2. It should be working. Can you put up a screen shot for me or tell me whats missing?
  3. Ninja4Hire


    Hope to see you around !! On the upgrade note, I think VZW is letting everyone upgrade early. After reading your post I checked mine and at first it said upgrade in 7 months. I clicked it anyway and it brought me to a new page that says upgrade now. I then clicked on and it lets me choose any phone with the new 2 yr upgrade discounts. I don't plan on getting a new phone till windows 7 comes to verizon, but if anyone else is looking you might want to check out if you can get the upgrade early.
  4. I have been testing it, and it's for sure better than the last version. I am having some issues with using programs on my phone. Sometimes when I open something the win7 pops back to the front, and I have to re-open whatever I was doing. It gets pretty annoying when trying to write a sms.
  5. Not like this place, that's for sure. XDA is cool, but one issue is that a lot of the stuff on there is designed for non-US branded phones. But yeah there are tons (TONS) of android sites, with scattered information. Unlike this place where all the info is here or linked from here. As far as cooking; I think once you have a working clockwork or some way to back up your original data ,you are half way there. The packaging and the delivery are things I am not sure about. Edit the design itself is pretty easy, as it's much like winmo. Deodexing files kinda confuses me a bit also, but I don't think it's required. lol I didn't even know "deodexed" was a word a few weeks ago.
  6. Tab development is not as far along as other galaxy s devices. The key to me bricking it was flashed back to factory after I messed something up. Unlike winmo, you can't do anything at all unless you stay rooted. I was doing some skinning, and changed a menu bar that would no longer let me open any programs. I ended up flashing back to factory and that screwed me. At the time there was no clockwork so I couldn't root it using adb. The second time I used LCD density changer to make my resolution smaller, but went too small and the tab kept rebooting as soon as it loaded up. I was not in debugging mode and couldn't run any commands in adb.
  7. Thanks for the compliments and have fun with your new phone. As life I'm sure everyone will move on eventually just like we moved from the omnia to the omnia 2. I haven't gotten a new phone yet, but I did pick up a Galaxy tab. The bigger screen is good for reading emails and surfing the internets. I must say I already bricked the thing twice. Good thing it was still within the 30 days, and VZW gave me new ones with no questions asked. Unfortunately there is a lack of advancement in winmo 6.5 thanks to MS pretty much dumping it and moving on, so I see these threads dying out as more people stay up with technology. So anyway, try and keep the same usernames people as you move from site to site. This way we can spot our friends as people move on. ;)
  8. Yeah I didn't see that one coming lol. I don't have the rom installed, but I assume it is because of the sun icon. When DLS is on the sun icon appears to the right of your clock. Try to install one of my other clocks without the manilla clock style. The manilla style clock is not the clock style that came with Today.
  9. Ninja4Hire

    My goodbye

    Ninja's are all around you........ :)
  10. Can't add a media player to the panels. That stuff is kinda set in stone. Still trying to figure out what's the deal with the shortcuts. Hopefully by this weekend. Sorry for the delay folks.
  11. You won't find any 6.1 roms, but AMD has a pretty good stock rom or you can just flash the original update form VZW.
  12. Totally agree, that is crazy! They must be trying to eliminate side loading of apps. Apple = jailbreak, Android = Rooted, I wonder what the catch phrase will be for WP7 when it gets hacked.....de-formated lol.
  13. Some of the phones will have micro SD support. The Focus is the phone we've been calling the i917 Cetus in leaks, a curvy, glossy slate with a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display (presumably ripped right out of the Galaxy S line), a 5 megapixel camera, and support for microSD expansion up to 32GB; it'll be hitting AT&T in the States. The Omnia 7 is the second model, launching on Orange, SFR, Movistar, and T-Mobile across Europe with the same Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon processor (rare for a Samsung, by the way), 5 megapixel cam, and either 8GB or 16GB on board. Expect both of these to launch in time for the holidays; in fact, the Focus can be yours on AT&T come November 8 for $199.99. http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/11/samsung...indows-phone-7/

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