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  1. I don't think it is a problem with 1.9.1 specifically. IMHO i think it does this when the cpu? gets too hot. OP- Do the haptic buttons' LEDs flash 3 times before the Device powers off? It always happens when I am playing a graphic intensive game such as dynamite fishing, using SlingPlayer :P or when my 2 yo son is playing Monkey Lunchbox. For me I think that having the Otterbox Defender does not help dissipate the heat either. Kinda frustrating not being able to play "fun" games but like you my reboots are not random. Sometimes it reboots right away, and other times it gets stuck in a loop before loading back up. I have had this problem since DJS' 1.8 and it continues now with factory 351. I can't narrow it down since I got the otterbox and installed the apps at the same time. Although I cannot comment on the Tethering aspect for the streak since I use mine as WiFi only, it was a free beta, I can tell you that my Windows Mobile device when used as 3G to WiFi router will get noticeably hot to touch and will occasionally shutdown/Reboot.
  2. rgsekula

    how many streaks are true tablets

    I did notice that even tho I always have airplane mode enabled, under settings/battery use there is still a significant percentage dedicated to "phone idle". I don't know if this phone=radio or if phone=device/system.
  3. rgsekula

    how many streaks are true tablets

    I use mine as a wifi tablet only so I support any gains in battery life made possible by removing phone components. Although it was mentioned above, I didn't see explained what difference this would be from simply enabling airplane mode then switching on wifi. I have only been doing this for the last few weeks but the battery life gains have been substantial.
  4. Story and Video Here Saw this on a local news site. Dell really does not know how to push these great Devices. Two arrested in Dell marketing stunt SWAT responds to 911 call; turns out to be stunt Updated: Monday, 14 Feb 2011, 9:51 PM CST Published : Monday, 14 Feb 2011, 12:10 PM CST Doug Shupe Sigfrid Rydquist ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) - The Round Rock SWAT team responded to multiple 911 calls of a suspect inside of one of the Dell Round Rock campus buildings on Monday morning, only to find it was a marketing stunt gone wrong. A person dressed as a biker in all black with a black mask was on the sales floor of Building 1carrying two metallic objects and telling people to "go to the lobby," according to Round Rock Police. A sales manager set up the stunt as an internal promotional event to celebrate the release of the new Dell Streak tablet, but Round Rock police ended up arresting two people for causing the disturbance, according to RRPD spokesman Eric Poteet. Round Rock police asked neighboring law enforcement to respond to the Dell campus. When officers stormed the place, they say one man refused to comply with officers. "If it wasn't serious enough that elevated it to extreme risk scenario," said Round Rock police spokesperson Eric Poteet. But 11 minutes into the situation police determined the masked man and another man were part of an in house marketing plan but told nobody about it. "Through a series of misinterpretation, miscommunication this sent a lot of others into a controlled panic," said Poteet. Police arrested the man dressed in the skull mask and biker outfit, 48 year old Bryan Chester and his supervisor 36 year old Daniel Rawson. Both face misdemeanor charges of Interfering with Public Duties and Deadly Conduct. Officers say Chester was not carrying weapons but rather small metallic items when he yelled for people to go to the lobby. "All this was intended to be was go to the lobby because we're introducing a new item," said Poteet. Dell Spokesman, David Frink, declined our request for an on camera interview but by phone told us the incident was "an unfortunate choice" by a Dell employee. He also said they are very thankful Round Rock police responded as quickly as they did and nobody was hurt. The spokesman would not say what the new product was but a source inside dell says it was for the new Dell Streak tablet (I am guessing the Streak 7) which can interface with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Police say it's a miracle none of the 400 people in the building were hurt. "Think before you act my goodness and when police tell you to do something do it," said Poteet.
  5. I got creative last night as well. Wanted something for by the bed at night. Took about 20 minutes- Block of Ashe Juniper, a sawzall and a dremmel - then some mineral oil
  6. rgsekula

    Quickoffice HD (tablet version)

    Ended up using Titanium backup to uninstall. thanks working perfectly now.
  7. rgsekula

    Quickoffice HD (tablet version)

    Im on Steves 1.5.3 and I can't get this installed. I've tried thru gmail, root explorer and astro. -> "Installing"...."Application not installed". :lol:
  8. It has to do with android's inability to tether as a client to an ad-hoc network. in fact it wont even display the network in the connections settings. I can not connect my Dell Streak/ Froyo 2.2 to my phone either. neither thru wi fi or thru BT Pan. I can connect/ tether my mac both ways fine however. On 2.1- With Root - one could play with the sys/bin/wpa_supplicant ; doing so let me see the network. Then I would set a static IP and could connect to the WMWiFi network but not to the internet. However if i create a network/hotspot on my wifes Palm Pre i can connect fine. If someone can help me figure out how to tether my Streak (as a Client) to my Omnia2 I would be very grateful. Is there anyway to create a wifi hotspot that is not an ad-hoc network? i would love to be able to tether via BT but android does not yet have the infrastructure.
  9. EDIT: played around the .apk from above. interesting. I can briefly get the devices to connect, but then it goes to to connection failed.. I'll play around with it more to tomorrow. edit 2: i can only create BT PAN profile.. oh well. id be happy just connecting using the wi fi tether if i could get to work. I run WmWiFiRouter on the Omnia2/i920 to create either the BT network or the WiFi network. I had to first the install the Internet Connection Sharing program(.cab), tho. I know the the connections created are legit since I can connect either one to my Mac and surf no problem. When I connect via BT there are no options on either the streak or Omnia for what the connection is to be used (eg. headphones, audio..) I can pair but not connect. Via Ad Hoc Wi Fi I can connect but I had to use the advanced settings and use the following: Use Static IP: Check IP address: Gateway: Netmask: DNS 1: DNS 2: empty [without the static IP it just attempts to obtain an IP and then quits since it was unsucessful]. what kind of device are you using to create the network? if win mobile try this/ free trial: http://global.wmwifirouter.com/trial/
  10. I could never make any progress regarding the bluetooth reverse tethering. My omnia2 creates the BTnetwork and I can tether my mac no problems. Using the WmWiFIRouter app on the Omnia and using the wpasuplicant from above I can now connect to my ad hoc created network, but I never can get a useable IP address or internet. I am stumped. I do not know the configuration(s) i need get it to work correctly. My wife has a palm pre, and with one click i can create a non- adhoc hotspot and have no problems...
  11. Thank you for the ROM..! One Question, tho; I might have missed something. In the Samsung settings I have it set for the "X" button to close applications, but it only minimizes them? I have tried tapping and pressing and holding- I have to use the task manager or switcher to close applications. Is this normal? (from moving the start/"X" buttons to the bottom in 6.5.x) Is there a solution. like a showcase fix.
  12. rgsekula


    Running this Renamed the downloaded package from the link in this thread to Update.pkg and placed on SD Card. Tried to update via Stock Recovery - No Dice
  13. rgsekula

    o2 official 2.1 ota

    edit- oops. being captain obvious
  14. Thank You much for sharing! Working great on my Beta Streak. Everything is much quicker.. even the unlock slider... than the previous build.

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