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  1. what?? click on the link again. There is listings for pretty much every single carrier on that page in the first post... I think you got clickhappy and accidently clicked on the globe network link when the page loaded.
  2. liht

    ABC as default input

    Is there anyway to get rid of this now? haha. It dosen't show up in the remove programs list... It worked great, just tired of ABC mode.
  3. I got mine 2 days after I put in the order. They send the copper AND sage one. I threw the copper one over to my buddy for his shadow.
  4. liht

    ABC as default input

    works great on mine! thanks!
  5. Start > Settings > Connections > GPRS > Tmobile Data If you have the web plan (not tzones) change the url from wap.voicestream.com to internet2.voicestream.com You don't need to change the DNS, but I found that and speeds it up a bit.
  6. Just got mine ordered as well...very nice.
  7. liht

    Shadow as FAX?

    Yeah...I know about that. I meant use the phone as a fax modem.
  8. Is it possible to setup the Shadow as a USB fax modem? I know it can do dialup, as well as internet via gprs/edge... Sure...there's a ton of free/cheap online fax services, but it would be sweet if I could attach the shadow as a usb modem that I could fax through. Anyways...is it possible?
  9. Are you charging it via USB or charging it on the wall adapter? Maybe get a new battery? batteries4less has them. http://www.batteries4less.com/htc/shadow/s...CFRwqagod-Sf3Fw
  10. liht

    wmp11 skin

    nice i like it!
  11. Are you currently using the Neo theme? Change your home screen to something else..., let it load up, and reboot your phone. Now copy your new theme files over, change the theme back. Might have to reboot it again for everything to load properly.
  12. yeah. rename it to the thing you're replacing, drop it into the windows folder...sometimes you have to reboot the phone to get them to show up
  13. I believe that color is edited through the chome XML file in \application data\home Though at this moment I can't seem to find the correct field in that file. That file MAY also be in \windows\

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