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  1. mine arrived too, was think i had been forgotten ;) I think i'll stick it out for the vario III when my contract is up in february..... thanks paul, we owe u a beer or 2
  2. where did you get the atomphil skin, i cant find it!
  3. what is the ETA on these please, so i know when to purchase some sensible headphone? Thanks again paul
  4. £5 is good, when is the closing date? :)
  5. im in PS email me if i forget! ************************************************** GROUP BUY: Paul (MVP) mandt cjgarside emyllis Mitman Snaz Stuart_f Waroffice
  6. Has anyone ever received there 6 monthly cheque from these? I should have by now but haven't.
  7. heres an idea, maybe just maybe the pub is using the WiFi for a network and not just an internet connection. It is possible you know!
  8. you dont need the GPS function to track it, the phone network can tell what cell its in. i suppose they dont do this because of the costs involved unless you have a very inportant call to make or a diamond encrusted phone. suppose you could right some software that would let the phone be accessible over the net say and check where it is via the GPS function.
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