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  1. I use Skype on the M700 with the supplied headphones all the time.
  2. Count me in too!! Paul (MVP) mandt cjgarside emyllis Mitman Snaz Stuart_f Waroffice DoubleVision Neil5459 GordonTGopher J273 futuresbright1 mark4130 rav1patel devious246 tonywalk rameses Police (x2 if shipping to Italy is ok) influenz madeye nav007_2000 Damski x2 SeeJ
  3. P.S. This should really be in the pocket pc > M700/Trinity section.....
  4. The driver you need is on the CD that came with your M700 open 'Intertnet Sharing' in Programs>Accessories on your handset then hit connect. Plug into your PC then find the right driver on the CD. Hey Presto 3g tinternet on your PC If your Orange you can get unlimited off-peak data between 7pm and 7am weekdays and all weekend. I'm guessing you've got that already though...
  5. It does say on the page 'Support: HTC P3600' Could it be the same fix applies to both handsets??
  6. http://www.europe.htc.com/support/faq.html...device=htcp3600 Haven't had a chance to test it yet....
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if its likely we will get to upgrade to WM6? Would be nice as it must be one of the last handsets to be launched with WM5....
  8. Its appeared on Expansys.... http://www.expansys-kr.com/p.aspx?i=143420 omigod I want one of these.... 607,215.00 KRW South Korea Won = 332.402 GBP United Kingdom Pounds and its the nice white one... :)
  9. I'm in the same boat as you - looking to upgrade from my SP5, as my contract runs out at the end of the month... WiFi is a must, 3G not so important... Might get a PDA style phone - the Asus P535 looks amazing, but I'm sure it will be pricy. Also not out till early 07 I see...
  10. you were very generous giving Jack Johnson 2 stars. ;)
  11. My SP5's power button is extremely difficult to push in. I mean REALLY difficult I have to use my nail and try it many times before it even goes to the quick menu. It really hurts too! Usually I need to use some implement like a pen lid to get it to switch on and off. Is anyone else's like this or do I have a duff phone? Can I get it replaced under warrenty do you think?
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