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  1. Nokia is also mentioned in the list; they previously also made monitors and LCD's. They even made PC's :) I found one of those in the dumpster when I was younger, pretty funny there was a Ericsson diskdrive in it! Specs 386 SX, 100 MB harddrive and about 4 MB of ram.
  2. Hello all, I have an Qtek 8310 with Windows Mobile 5 on it (no kidding), and my friend a T-Mobile MDA Pro, also with WM5. We tried to get the duke running but it didn't work even after we edited the duke3d.cfg file to our screen resolutions (240x320,640x480) We see the game initialising but after that a black screen nothing else. Tried with the GRP file of Duke 3D Atomic and the normal version (1.3) Help us out :o
  3. Any news about the dimensions, weight, talk- and standby time?
  4. I saw it at Mediamarkt Utrecht, I played played with it. Very cool device, amazingly fast, although the camera quality is not optimal. I took this photo: The lightning conditions didn't seem to be good either.
  5. The Gameboy version looked very bad either but wasn't fun to play. There's a little bit more than just gameplay today, if GTA consist only of a few lines (environment) and a dot (your car) it's a no go.
  6. Not even bluetooth, or WiFi, what where they thinking :lol:
  7. But.. a GTA-NES game isn't fun cause the graphics, anyway? :lol: There is an Game Boy Colour ROM available but the controls sucks and it looks just that bad.
  8. No I'm not joking and I don't have a bad taste - I love the Motorola MPx220,MPx100, MPx, MPx200, T-mobile SDA, Mio 8390 and 8870, Orange SPV C500 and T-mobile SDA / MDA Compact. :lol: All phones which look great - but in my humble opinion, that Neonode is a strange, ugly little thing with a touch screen that's just to small for using a stylus, and the resolution is not handy for Pocket PC applications. I miss the keypad. Small screen is useless for SMS and e-mail messages or just dailling an number, I don't feel like using the stylus everytime for this, and my fingers are way to large for such a small screen. And if it has Voice Command, I rather would TYPE my message in stead of dictating it. With my Mio 8390 I can run most of the Pocket PC games but the screen resolution isn't capable of properly playing them. Neonode has 176*220 pixels which is only suitable for Smartphone Apps. And will they 100% run with the rare OS? I think not. So you'll need modified software. So, here's why I won't take it: - I really don't like the concept. It's just to small. If its so small, how microscopic should that *** stylus be? - Related to above: small screen. - No bluetooth (Just like Mio and VOQ, and for any other modern smartphone BUMMER!) - No 'real' OS, more a hybrid version - To expensive in comparation with the MDA Compact which has MUCH more to offer! That's a real Pocket PC, not a half PPC/Smartphone! - Typing or e-mailing with that thing must be horror
  9. Neonode is a no-go for me. It's ugly, hasn't even got bluetooth and vibration alert, and it contains some kind version of Windows CE which aren't any apps available for. They did a better job to implement Symbian OS on it - those phones are ugly anyway :wink: I don't think the developers will realise this phone will be a big mistake, like the SierraWireless VOQ.
  10. Lol, I placed the same news-item on Coolsmartphone. Got the folder too :lol: I went to the Media Markt but I didn't saw any SDA, I guess they'll come up later this month.
  11. I got it too, although I got it free from Mitac (I'm a WM professional) What's your problem with the Mio 8390?
  12. German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish.
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