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  1. Maybe you're just not getting a satellite fix of your location. I'm using the full sense rom and google maps with GPS works for me, although I'm using Garmin Mobile XT first to get a satellite fix and after exiting Garmin, I can use the GPS on google maps. Enabling the GPS XTRA helps a lot in getting a satellite fix.
  2. You should install first the samsung settings. Check out post #243 to download.
  3. I think you are not searching throughly. The link you are looking for is already posted in this thread. Look at post #243.
  4. Just a curious question about the AMOLED screen of our phone in relation to this ROM. Since the phone's screen flashes randomly a lot of times (because of the wifi tweak), will it shorten the lifespan of our amoled screen? Just like when you turn a light bulb on and off frequently, it quickly shorten the lifespan of the bulb compared to just keeping it on.
  5. Question about overclocking. When you turn off or soft reset the phone, do you need to run Easy Set S3Clcok again to overclock the phone or does the settings you've set before still remains?
  6. Is the full sense rom overclocked? If yes, by how much?
  7. In the older samsung settings of wm 6.5, you can find that option of turn off the backlight but in the newer version of samsung settings (starting with the JC2 rom) that option is removed but you can still choose that option in the hidden windows settings as mentioned by Klimto in the previous post.
  8. Does anyone know how to change the quick links icon in the home page from 3 to 4 icons?
  9. You should try to flash a megalite ROM in order for you to eliminate the Samsung UI. If you like a cool interface, try the HTC Sense. I like it better than SPB Mobile Shell. All the ROM information and flashing it are here. All you have to do is read.
  10. I'm using the full sense rom and I have the auto sim detection and the samsung keypad. I think daskalos intentionally remove the wm 6.5 lockscreen because it consumes a lot of ram. Removing the lockscreen will make our phones faster.
  11. Can somebody pls enlighten me. After I installed the full sense rom, I noticed that my 'my storage' capacity is only 1.4gb because there is 512mb that is reserved. I think but I'm not exactly sure that before installing that rom, my 'my storage' capacity is at 1.9gb and there is no 512mb reserved. So can anyone tell me if is there really a 512mb reserved space in the my storage or not?
  12. Are you using 32 or 64 bit? Maybe you haven't installed the correct drivers.
  13. Why don't you just set your network configuration to WCDMA not automatic so the phone will be forced just to use 3G network.
  14. Does anyone use the full sense rom? Can you tell me the performance? And are the samsung apps works correctly? I've read in previous posts that the camera is not working. Does anyone solve this problem?
  15. As far as I know, 6.5 is the fastest because 6.5.x consumes more RAM. But if you really want to have the best performance, flash the megalite roms.
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