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  1. Looks like you might know the answer to this. I've been using AmonRa 1.5.2 so far. Is there a need to upgrade to a newer version? And if so, how? I can't find where to download the newer version nor instructions on what to do?? Cheersio. What version on RaduG are you using, I am still using 3.0, since it seems 3.2 had some serious issues...?
  2. Yeah, LauncherPro is super cool aint it!! OverClocking works well on a Vanilla ROM, I guess Sense just takes up too much memory for it to be stable with OC.
  3. I think HTC have already confirmed that the Hero wont be getting Froyo. They said all phones released in 2010 will get Froyo, but couldn't confirm if older phones will get it. Due to the obvious stress they have had in getting Eclair to work with Sense on the Hero, I see no chance of them even bothering with Froyo. It's up to the devs to do it for us. The VillainRom guys have already said they are working on it, but say that, as ever, drivers are an issue and that could be the real stumbling block. The 2.1 ROMs have only gotten really good of late because of leaks of official 2.1 ROMs for the Hero from HTC. If they don't even bother making a 2.2 ROM, then the drivers wont get leaked and then the 2.2 ROMs will always have problems. I think if you have a Hero, stick with 2.1 and if you want 2.2, you are gonna have to get a new phone. Anyway, Google say they are gonna move to a 1 yearly release. So, stick with a 12 month contract in the UK and you can get a new phone with the new OS each year!! That's my plan moving forward.
  4. I use Vanilladroid by RaduG - it is stable and fast as hell with OverClocking. It is Vanilla though, no Sense, but I didn't like Sense anyway: http://www.vanilladroid.com/ The only thing not working is audio over Bluetooth iirc. Have been using it for 3 weeks with no problems.
  5. True, it does not, but that is a known issue and anyway, I feel like a total ahole wearing a handsfree, so it doesn't bother me. I'll just have to pull over if I need to call anyone when driving :)
  6. Ahh, was unaware of the update.zip for wavesecure, cool, I shall be adding that in a bit. Nice one. I didn't notice the addon JIT pack, I thought you had to choose between NAS, AS and PE (which has JIT) and that PE /JIT was a little buggy, or is that no longer the case?
  7. After getting bored waiting for the official 2.1 update and because I don't like Sense anyway, I finally bit the bullet and decided to put a Custom 2.1 ROM on my Hero over MCR 3.2. The ROM I chose was RaduG's [ROM][09/05/2010][AOSP Vanilla 2.1][Multi-flavor] VanillaEclair 2.0.1 available from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=662476 All I can say is it is blinding. It seems just as fast, if not faster than MCR 3.2 and I have had no issues other than those that are known (some audio over bluetooth issues and problems with facebook sync). Everything else works, the camera, the market, CoPilot Live, Google Goggles, Maps with Navigation. Plus, it only took about 4 minutes to Flash and it was so simple (just boot into Recovery, wipe and then flash the update, simple). It is a truly awesome ROM (although, to be honest, it is my first experience with a 2.1 ROM). I never really liked Sense other than the Facebook integration (which you can get with the official app or via Bloo) and I used the stock Home all the time anyway. I can imagine that one of the reasons for all the delay to 2.1 on Hero is trying to minimise the memory use of Sense - which always use to bug me. The only thing I miss from MCR is the built-in WaveSecure, but oh well, I better not loose my phone :) So, to all of you that don't' really care about Sense, go for this ROM, it is truly awesome.
  8. Actually, Google has stated they want to combat the current Android OS fragmentation, as it is impeding the growth of Android. The improvements you see speedwise in 2.2 over 2.1 are mostly down to the new JIT java virtual machine and not so much to do with the power of the Nexus One (which, based on the fact that the Evo 4G will now be offered instead of the Nexus One by some US carriers, is not the fastest Android phone any more). I thus wouldn't be surprised if Google push to see 2.2 on many phones (it has been shown on the G1, so thus there is no reason for it not to be on the Hero). However, HTC will sell less phones if their older models can be updated to 2.2. Thus, it will be HTC putting the block on. So it will be up to the modders to give us 2.2 if HTC get their way.
  9. Already have CoPilotv8 on my phone, I have V7 on my Nokia N82 (it was a little known fact that it ran fine on Symbian). Overall it is awesome, but needs a whole bunch of free memory to run smoothly and I find that if you have orientation switch on and the road is bumpy, it crashes as the sensor tells it to switch orientation to often.... Overall, it is good though. I think I still have another year at least on my contract. It's a shame updates are released so often and you can't buy just one phone that you know will be up-to-date with Android for many years to come. I was hoping the Nexus would be that phone, but with all the trouble with its Touchscreen and naff speaker, I think that phone has yet to be released.....
  10. Sadly, that's a big "should". I think it will be really interesting to see how support for the two phones pans out. I remember when I have a Nokia N73, and people with the same phone were on completely different Firmware versions depending on their network carrier (with Orange and O2 being terrible and getting new firmware versions out).
  11. The only reason I want 2.1 is to have native access to the Google apps that are currently restricted to 1.6+ devices (Googles and Maps w/ Navigation). That is the only reason for me. Yeah, buying a new £400 HTC device, just to get this is stupid, and when Froyo and Harissa, or what ever they will call it, comes out, you can betcha all the Legend & Desire etc. owners will be angry because surprise surprise, they don't' get upgraded too....
  12. Has HTC ever officially said they'd update all Hero's to 2.1 other than in tweets and individual emails to customers? They are clearly having problems getting the Hero to run 2.1 fast enough, with Sense UI on top. The Hero has only ~280 MB RAM, so I am guessing that is the problem. If you look at all the leaks of 2.1 that have been ported to Hero, they all have issues with slowdown. All the devices that have 2.1 already have twice the amount of RAM, I am thinking the Hero just hasn't got the specs to run 2.1 properly. It's such a shame Google didn't go down the Android route and have only one Google Android device (the Nexus) that they concentrate on. It would have been so much easier to develop for and support. If you ask me, if HTC ever does release 2.1 for Hero, it is gonna be slooooooow. We'll then wait for Paul to release an MCR version of it, before it is even usable. Surely most people on this site are using a non stock ROM, so are you seriously gonna upgrade to an HTC Rom when it comes out? Surely not, since they might have implemented ways to stop you getting root access again and being able to install custom ROMS... MCR3.2 on my phone is super fast, providing you don't install loads of apps that run in the background all the time and I get almost three days out of it. So, don't hold your breath people.
  13. From what I have read elsewhere, it is much more dodgy updating the Radio Firmware compared to updating the OS Firmware - it seems that if you mess up a OS update, you can recover, but if you mess up a Radio update, you can kill your phone. This has kinda put me off updating the Radio, since the one and only time I flashed the MCR ROM over my stock ROM, the phone didn't reboot itself as it was meant to and was stuck at the "flashing" screen, never indicating if the flash had completed. I waited half an hour and prayed to the ROM gods and rebooted the device and luckily it seemed to work. I am not willing to do the same with the Radio, since I don't want to pull the plug if the flash has not finished, but if I can't tell if the flash has completed then I wont do it at all. Looks like you almost bricked your device and I guessing it could be becuase the flash didn't finish properly or it just didn't indicate that the flash had finished...
  14. So.....what is the problem then? What are the issues you are experiencing? And have you checked the contacts number that you are trying to send the MMS to? Is it showing up as correct in the Message Details window?
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