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  1. No not possible unfortunately. This came up in press conference in Tokyo, and a representative from Samsung said they do not see business users having the need for it. You will know it's charging because the battery icon has a plug, if that doesn't work then hold the home screen button to load task manager, select menu > battery and it should tell you there. The only time I've seen any time of notification that the battery is full is when the phone was switched off. It's worthwhile in the end that way it charges quicker and you won't leave it plugged in more then needed.
  2. HSDPA is/was present in WM5, maybe some operators firmware hide the option but it has been present on Orange branded i600 on WM5 and up.
  3. Have you run any registry tweaks or tweakers? The alarm SOUND will naturally switch off after a few minutes if you don't press the snooze button. Have you waited to see if the alarm comes back on a few minutes later or has the actual alarm been turned off?
  4. Try this: Run Windows Media Player and get to 'Options'. Select option 1 'Playback'. - Deselect/Uncheck "Pause playback while using another program" - Select/Check "Resume playback after call" Press 'done' as many times as you need to then try again.
  5. I had the same problem after I reset my phone and I was messing with it for days and I couldn't get it working. I performed an application unlock and I was able to save to the registry. I'm not sure what the relevance is but it worked for me. Just to let you know it does not speed up the start up time (time it yourself). Be careful if you switch your phone off to remove battery or change SIMs etc, it will go black even though it's still cleansing down.
  6. What router are you using? Also what ISP are you using and is it Cable/ADSL/Dial-up?
  7. http://www.modaco.com/content/samsung-i60x...e-wont-turn-on/
  8. The only efficient way to do that is by modifying the registery and i don't think any body knows the specific key. You can however use an application such as http://wm5-smartphone.handster.com/software.php?id=2431
  9. I contacted the buyer and he said that they are definately STEREO. Try forcing your headphones into the adapter. Really squeeze the headphone jack into the 3.5mm adapter, if that doesn't work then he's a lying son of a ....
  10. This only happens when you flash the phone and it does not complete. The phone is not bricked, re-flash.
  11. Notes to consider: Can you access the Internet through your router? I have a Netgear router and sometimes it decides to have a period and not allocate me an IP address or just not connect to the internet. This test will show that the router is 'routing' correctly and working. Methodological Fix: 1. -> On your router disable all wireless security (temporarily) --- This includes turning off MAC Address filtering and deleting any IP Address allocations -> Ensure SSID is broadcasted (on) and the wi-fi transmitter is enabled (on) --- All routers have the option to enable/disable wireless interface but some routers have this option set off by default -> Change the SSID to something unique like a sibblings name (so you can spot it easily) -> Ensure the Channel ID is set to a specific number and NOT automatic (this doesn't really cause a problem but has to be followed for methodological fix) -> Restart router 2. -> On your mobile switch off wi-fi (off) -> Access wi-fi settings and delete ALL the items you see in the list -> Turn wi-fi ON (on) and let it scan - may ask you if you would like to see a list of available access points, if so press yes -> Select the one you configured in the router (SSID) If you follow ALL of the above procedures you will find/fix the problem - if not try another wi-fi device, if that can connect replace your device although it is VERY unlikely that the wi-fi would be damaged as you said you can connect via ad-hoc so it seems like a problem with your router and the list of access points on your phone. Majority of the problems resort to already-configured access points (when you add an access point to the list it is classified as 'configured') on the phone that are different/changed on the router.
  12. Is there anyway we can change the method of connection or preference, i.e. wi-fi first, gprs second etc? Pocket MSN works like a charm by using whatever connection is available but Windows Live insists on creating a GPRS connection even if wi-fi is already connected. Any ideas people?
  13. If anybody has an Orange branded SGH-i600 and is willing to spend a couple of minutes, could you please type the settings here. I'm having some stupid problems with the phone (unbranded) since Orange entered the settings into my phone, e.g. if wi-fi is enabled and connected, sometimes when I check email or go on browser it initiates a GPRS connection... even if I'm sitting ontop of the router. How to get the settings:- 1. GPRS Profiles a) Please navigate to: Start > Settings > (7) More > (1) Connections > (6) GPRS :( Please note down the settings for ORANGE GPRS WAP, ORANGE MMS and Orange Internet. Ignore the MMS password in the profile 2. GPRS Proxys a) Please navigate to: Start > Settings > (7) More > (1) Connections > (7) More > (1) Proxy :D Please note down all the settings 3. MMS Profile a) Please navigate to: Start > Messaging > (1) SMS/MMS > Menu > MMS Options > (3) MMS Profiles > (Select Orange MMS) Menu > Edit :D Please note down all the settings and stay in this option c) Please press Menu > Advanced Settings d) Please note down these settings I know this might seem like a long winded process but I would really appreciate it if someone could do me this favour Thank you
  14. The phone doesn't do it because it hates you love, it's something that was installed. How about everyone who's experiencing this problem shed some light on the applications and today plugins they have installed since their last hard reset, then we'll find out...
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