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  1. I did think so, until i tryed figure out why i could not get any fon'ts to work in my spv, and desidet to have a closer look on the font useing a hexeditor.. its signed.. so i concluded that you must used signed fonts.. But if anyone suceeds in getting another font installed please let me hear.
  2. Hi there.. good luck installing other fonts then nina.. they have to be signed aswell :D Chris Benjaminsen
  3. Nopes.... anyway you find the article in the tips and tricks section on this forum the title is Converting video in 18 VERY easy steps. By Chris Benjaminsen Chris Benjaminsen
  4. Hi there Andrew, just finished an article about converting video to the smartphone. Gives you all the anwsers. Execpt the size matter, anyway when you change the bitrate the size of the file changes, at 70k as i prefere you shuld be able to store arround 30min of video in 176x132 on 15mb space :D Chris Benjaminsen
  5. Hi there This article is created as response to quite a large amount of mails I have received, concerning my preferred configuration for converting video to a more suitable format when viewed on the smart phone. This step-by-step guide is made as easy as possible so everybody get the Ida. Experience required: none ----------------------------------------- Before you star make sure You have something to convert. (Notice that Windows Media Encoder does not support DivX and other highly used formats) Step 1 Start Windows Media Encoder; it should look something like this: Step 2 from the session menu item, or press Ctrl+W Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Now you should have a dialog named New Session Wizard, where you have to select a profile. Sadly Windows Media Encoder doesn?t have a default setting suitable for the smart phone so we have to create one for us self. Therefore click on the button Create and Manage Profiles. Step 7 button. Step 8 button. Step 9 . Step 10 Step 11 Step 12 This is the hardest step because we have to select a lot of stuff. Let's go. Audio Codec: Windows Media Audio V8 Format: 10kbps, 11kHz, mono (you want 20kbps, 22kHz, mono if there is a lot of music in what your converting) Video Codec: Windows Media MPEG-4 Video V3 In the Video size select box we chose Custom.. and hurry on to next step. Step 13 Now we need to type in the video format... If you have done nothing to your media player write 160 as width and 120 as height. If you have installed the advanced skin for media player you have a larger screen in your Media Player and therefore want 176 as width and 132 as height. (Don?t know what the advanced skin is? click here) When the values are typed in click the OK button. When done click the Next > button. Step 14 Frame rate: 8 Key frame interval: 2 Image quality: 0 (it?s a slow phone and we want fast motion) Click the Next > button. Step 15 What you should have now is a status window containing information about the settings we just made. Check you did made all the right settings and click Finish Step 16 Step 17 Olla you just created your smart phone profile, and if everything is well it should be selected. Click Finish If a popup containing a lot of information pups up, just click OK :D Step 18 button to create smooth video for your smart phone. ----------------------------------------- Yes I know that this was quite long, but the good news is next time you convert something you already have made a SmartPhone profile, so you can skip step 6 to 16 :( Have fun and play nice. Chris Benjaminsen
  6. Hi there good people of modaco. Ok this is my first post on this forum, sorry for not posting these tips and tricks before. But I?ve bean kind of busy the last 2 weeks. Okay the boring stuff first. About 3 weeks ago my colleagues and I got a smart phone each as a bonus (Wahoo) anyway we work with development of internet applications so we are quite used to customising different systems. And therefore most of us had made our own home screens before we ever used the phone to make a call. This post is a collection of tips and tricks we have found (maybe found again haven?t read the entire forum). It's not the entire collection, just the stuff we could remember off the top of our heads at 5am in the morning. Anyway lets get it on! Extensive information about the current status of the phone. Can be found by doing the following. 1 ? Start all Explorer. 2 ? Select SmartPhone (or what ever you called your phone) 3 ? Select menu >> 1 File >> 5 Properties Now you have an menu item called Info containing 3 items 1 Power 2 Memory 3 General General is most interesting as it displays the phones current IP (yep the phone have an IP and can be pinged, now who writes the web server?) Play list in media player. As some of you have noticed the media player on the phone does NOT have a play list function! This is extremely irritating as the media player then starts movie files when you use it as an mp3 player. The media player does not support normal play lists, but what I discovered is that it support ordinary .asx files (these files are used for streaming video). and as you might have guessed you are able to make multiple entries in an asx file, and therefore you can use these as an play list. The asx syntax is quite easy, and does basically use a xml syntax. Example: <asx version="3"> <entry><ref href = "mymusicnr1.wma"/></entry> <entry><ref href = "mymusicnr2.wma"/></entry> </asx> In this example the music files has to be located in the same dir as the .asx file, but you can use direct paths. To use the play list all you have to do is locate the file in your ALL-explorer or Internet explore, and run it. Then in the menu item Select you only have the files written in the play list. Start menu folders. To make the phones start menu easy to navigate it?s a good idea to create folders for your shortcuts, this is done easily by opening the folder IPSMWindowsStart Menu on your phone and just create the folders you want. And thereafter move the shortcuts around as you want. In the folder IPSMWindowsStart Menu you can also delete the shortcuts you do not want. Own shortcuts. Shortcuts can be used in the start menu, or on the homescreen using the shortcut plugin. 1 - Locate the file or application using your windows explorer. 2 - Right click on the file and select Create Shortcut. 3 - Rename the Shortcut to something that makes sense. To use this in your startmenu all you need to do is copy the shortcut to the IPSMWindowsStart Menu folder. To use this on your homescreen you need to use the shortcut object described below. Small customised icons. One of the things I really wanted when I god the phone was an easy to navigate and simple look on my home screen. And to achieve this I needed a small icon bar, instead of the large icon bar. Sadly the customised icon bar does not support the icon-size property. The last item bar gives me that opportunity but I did only want 3 icons and in a specific order. The solution was the shortcut object {A1536C57-6AC2-4c31-9542-B144B0E9D076} here you are able to make custom links. This plug in makes a 16x16px icon if there is a text assigned to it and the height is set to 20. I for once did not want any text besides the icon. Solution one. The object which is used by the shortcut object support an icon property where you assign the number if the icon you want, sadly after trying around 1000 numbers I only found a few 16x16px icons 16x16px icon list: 0 = Internet explorer. 61 = Paper 62 = Soccer ball 63 = Theatre masks 64 = Red Soccer and yellow arrow 65 = Paper and smiley bubble 66 = Image and music node 71 = Red paper 72 = Red Soccer ball 73 = Weather icon (Cloud with sun behind) 74 = Car 75 = Pice of paper 3z folded 82 = Home with ball behind (internet explorer home) 92 = Spanner 101 = Brown MSN (2 buddies) 102 = 2 curved arrows (hotsync) Example: <plugin clsid="{A1536C57-6AC2-4c31-9542-B144B0E9D076}" name="orangeh" height="36"> <format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/> <shortcut icon="0" action="http://smartphone.orange.dk"/> <shortcut icon="65" action="IPSMWindowsStart MenuContacts.lnk"/> </plugin> Solution two. This solution I like the best. As mentioned the shortcut plugin will use a 16x16px large icon if there is some text assigned to the icon. So by putting the ASCII letter ALT + 255 in the you get a small icon. The selection color will look a little strange but it?s a small price to pay for a better home screen. Example: <plugin clsid="{A1536C57-6AC2-4c31-9542-B144B0E9D076}" name="myicons" height="20" x="2" group="ieo"> <format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/> <background b-border-width="0"/> <shortcut width="18" action="IPSMWindowsStart MenuWMPlayer.lnk"> <text> </text> </shortcut> <shortcut width="18" action="IPSMWindowsStart MenuInternet Explorer.lnk"> <text> </text> </shortcut> <shortcut width="18" action="IPSMWindowsStart MenuInbox.lnk"> <text> </text> </shortcut> </plugin> Media player skinning: Simple skinning: Replacing the files disabled.gif, pushed.gif and wmplayer.gif in the windows directory can change the graphical appearance. This is done to make the media skin fit into your own home screen and color scheme design. I?ve made a few simple skins just for you! (click to download) Advanced skinning: Ohh yeah baby! What all your people have wanted is a larger screen resolution, sadly I cannot give you full screen (yet, working on it) but I can give you a little step in the right direction! I give you in harmony with DFeKT (our local Über-gfx guy) the advanced media player skin witch give a screen resolution on your movies on 176x132px. Just click the image to download I will not write how this is done, as I would just be repeating information that can be found here http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....ml/wmpcesdk.asp NOTE that all changes to the media player will be overwritten when you reboot the telephone, so it?s a god idea to have a copy of your media player skin on your storage card in order to restore while your on the run. Best video format. A lot about the media format has been posted in here, and I must say I disagree on most configurations. I have tried every configuration posted, and all of them causes large amounts of lagging on the phone. So I did my own research converting around 150 times before I had a quality I liked and had a minimum of lagging, within the confines of the limited storage space on most phones. First of all I use windows media converter witch can be downloaded here http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...wm7/encoder.asp Settings: Maximum bit rate: 70kB Audio: Codec: Windows media audio V8 Format: 20kbps, 22kHz, mono (use 8kbps, 11kHz, mono if there is no or little music in the file) Video Windows Media MPEG-4 Video V3 176 x 132 Frame rate: 8 Key frame interval: 2 Buffer size: Default (3) As you might notice I do not use a windows media video codec, because a lot of tests have shown that it lags more then the MPEG4 format. Another thing is the screen resolution; you might notice its larger then the standard. Scroll up and find media player skinning for the explanation. If you have a better setting for converting let me know I will be happy to know! Example of this encoding can be downloaded here http://www.lol.dk/spv/video/2towers.wmv (Two towers trailer) Complete (? anyone found more, let us know) home screen plugin list. (Gratz to Brian Larholm for this one) Cell Broadcast/SIM Toolkit Plug-In: <plugin clsid="{4e822425-a00f-497c-80ff-1c554665a369}" name="cooltext" height="20"> <scrolltext textsource="simtkitidletext"/> <scrolltext textsource="cellbroadcast"/> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/> </background> </plugin> Call Progress Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{37391041-C324-4725-BEE1-3232ED3539CA}" height="41"> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="#2A2CC5"/> </background> <format state="nocall" visible="false"/> <label> <text>Call in progress:</text> </label> <label y="17"> <text><progress/></text> </label> </plugin> Owner Info Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{4824B576-EFFE-45cf-BAE9-649B930CD244}" height="20"> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="#2A2CC5"/> </background> <label> <text><name/><phone/><email/><notes/></text> </label> </plugin> Carrier/SIM Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{E09043DF-510E-4841-B652-388316977A7A}" height="40"> <label> <text><carrier/></text> </label> <clock> <time y="17"/> //Format is identical to the format for the clock plugin </clock> </plugin> Messaging Counts Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{2F930BF0-6FE9-4a53-9E17-88E9247BAB48}" height="20"> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="#2A2CC5"/> </background> <label> <text>E-mail (<unreadEmail/>), SMS (<unreadSMS/>), Voice (<unreadVMail>), MMS (<unreadMMS/>)</text> </label> </plugin> Clock Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{44FA0F8C-082F-42b4-BE49-82559F23D5D4}"> <time bgtext="#0000FF" fgcolor="#FFFF00" mode="12"/> <time bgtext="#0000FF" fgcolor="#FFFF00" mode="24"/> <date bgtext="#0000FF" fgcolor="#FF00FF" mode="short"/> <date bgtext="#0000FF" fgcolor="#FF00FF" mode="long"/> </plugin> Icon Bar Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{837FC251-FE69-43ad-84E0-EBCEDEBA0884}"> <iconbar fgcolor="#FFFF00"/> <background bgcolor="#0000FF"/> </plugIn> Profile Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{95976968-45D5-40c9-9779-2B859B1C2FEC}" height="20"> <background b-border-width="0"> <format state="selected" bgcolor="#2A2CC5"/> </background> <label> <text>Profile: <profile/></text> </label> </plugin> Missed Calls Plug-In: <plugin clsid="{0BA8ABB8-1F1D-417f-88C6-DA8530E2E7A6}" name="missedcalls" height="20"> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/> </background> <format state="nocall" visible="false"/> <label h="16"> <text lang="0x0409">Missed calls: <calls/></text> </label> </plugin> All-Day Event Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{2FFD93B3-0FF0-4228-A6D6-D2DF177D7D92}" height="20"> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="#2A2CC5"/> </background> <format state="noevent" visible="false"/> <label h="16"> <text><subject/></text> </label> </plugin> Text Label Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{5419F376-6520-4407-B8B8-740F5B353EDA}"> <label bgtext="#FFFFFF"> <text lang="0x0409">Hello</text> <text lang="0x040c">Bonjour</text> </label> </plugin> Calendar Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{865A354A-4A96-4687-B001-C155DC0DBE76}" height="60"> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="#2A2CC5"/> </background> <conflict><format x="10" y="10"/></conflict> //the x/y places a "conflict" icon at the specified location <label h="16"> <text><subject/></text> </label> <label y="17"> <text><time/></text> </label> <label y="37"> <text><location/></text> </label> </plugin> MRU Plug-In: <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{79EFB752-CB70-446d-B317-499723482B3D}"> <mru max-buttons="4" icon-size="16" x="4" y="4" button-image="windowsmrubtn.bmp"/> <appname bgtext="#0000FF" fgcolor="#FFFF00"/> </plugin> MRU Plug-In Attribute Description |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |icon-size |Acceptable values are "16" and "32". Sets the | | |size of the icon shown in the plug-in, either | | |16x16 or 32x32. The default value is 32. | |------------------------|------------------------------------------------| |highlight |Sets the color of the highlight used to indicate| | |selection. If omitted, COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT is | | |used. | |------------------------|------------------------------------------------| |max-buttons |Maximum number of icons to show in the MRU. | | |Default is the maximum that fit in the plug-in. | |------------------------|------------------------------------------------| |button-image |If specified points to a bitmap used to indicate| | |selection. This option overrides the highlight | | |attribute. The bitmap is divided horizontally | | |into four equally-sized pieces. The first piece | | |is the selected plug-in selected app state image| | |The second piece is the selected plug-in, | | |unselected app state. The third piece is the | | |unselected plug-in, selected app state. The | | |fourth piece is the unselected plug-in, | | |unselected app state. | |------------------------|------------------------------------------------| |button-transparent-color| The color in the button-image bitmap that | | | represents transparency. Default is none. | |------------------------|------------------------------------------------| |x |Starting position for drawing the list of icons | | |along the x axis | |------------------------|------------------------------------------------| |y |Starting pos...etc... along the y axis | |------------------------|------------------------------------------------| When the device is first launched, the plug-in contains five items in the following order: 1. Inbox 2. Contacts 3. Calendar 4. Internet Explorer 5. Solitaire The label, which displays the name of the selected application, is positioned by using the element. The element supports the standard formatting attributes. The background of the plug-in can be formatted by using an optional element. The Orange "icon/shortcut" plugin: <plugin clsid="{A1536C57-6AC2-4c31-9542-B144B0E9D076}" name="myicons" height="20" x="2"> <format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/> <background b-border-width="0"/> <shortcut width="18" action="IPSMWindowsStart MenuWMPlayer.lnk"> <text> </text> </shortcut> <shortcut width="18" action="IPSMWindowsStart MenuInternet Explorer.lnk"> <text> </text> </shortcut> <shortcut width="18" action="IPSMWindowsStart MenuInbox.lnk"> <text> </text> </shortcut> </plugin> most support the attributes: That?s about it this time, but will be back soon to give you the newest tips and tricks from Denmark! Have fun and play nice Chris Benjaminsen. And again tanks to Larholm & DFeKT
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