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  1. Have you succeded to unpack the new type of updata.app file?... If anyone has a solution for this please post here. Thank you.
  2. @McSpoon This is a translation of an email get by some customers from Indonesia. This are the last firmware for 2.1 http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...R001C44B011.zip => S7 V100R001C44B011(Mexico TELMEX) http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...R001C70B015.zip => S7 V100R001C70B015(Russia Channel)/PK ?x?>v???) http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...R001C74B010.zip => S7 V100R001C74B010(Mexico TELMEX) http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...R001C75B010.zip => S7 V100R001C75B010(Philipine SUM) Can you do search please? Thank you.
  3. @Lawed In US is 299$ at best buy.In Europe is around 350 euro no contract and arround 200 euros with contract at Orange or Vodafone and other networks.
  4. @McSpoon It seems that huawei has launced a new version of the tablet Huawei s7 slim with capacitive screen and HDMI output based on android 2.2. This is the code for this tablet:s7-s7uV100R001C003B0011T01. Can you find something regards this on theyr servers. Thank you.
  5. Is this project still alive... I own a tablet Huawei s7 that use the same updata.app for upgrade. It will be great to have some tools for the future developement. Thank you. Keep it up.
  6. It has a rezistive screen. The one with capacitive screen start to be sold in some european country. If you look on the back it does not have a stilus.
  7. Thank you for this information. On this new roms they let the tablet to run at 1GHz and allso they update google maps and other small things. I am on C60B011 and i am good. Thank you and please keep us informed when you find news.
  8. Thank you. Every body is looking at least for 2.2 this year.I have this tablet S7 v104 the one from best buy.And they are relesed now new version with capacitive screen. I am new on android and I try to learn more on how to mod my tablet ,looking for app2sd recovery,porting new android version etc. Thank you one more time. You are the man.
  9. Master @McSpoon Any news on their server?.... Thank you.
  10. I wish to have a Thank You buton. Thank you for updates.
  11. Any news regards of this tablet firmware. Thank you.
  12. This is a dump of the last rom from november 2009 . LG_GM750
  13. How about to get this PINNED..... Good work. @Ryrzy dont forget to say thanks from us to Vistang on XDA forum. All my best.
  14. It loock's like the new LG GM750 is similar with our Omnia i900.And is come with wm6.5 and its realy has a new interface,with very nice widgets.Resolution 240x400 and has finger mouse(dpad).It is maided for Vodafone.Now we need to wait a little bit for a dump of this new phone that came wit windows mobile 6.5.For sure we can find a lot of goodies for our omnia. Here you have a dump of LG_GM750_november4_2009:DUMP Here you have a OEM ROM SYS format:ROM_Format Here you have a youtube link:
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