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  1. Dihce

    Napster to Go?

    Hey all, I'm usually trolling the Juno/Shadow section of this forum, but I have a question from a friend of mine. She just got the new Epix as a give-away at work (lucky huh?) anyway, she has the BlackJackII now and loves her Napster To Go. My question is, does anyone know if the new Epix works with Napster To Go or not. I guess it's a deal breaker for her and if it doesn't work she is going to give the phone to her Husband.. I will probably be the one that has to deal with any issues she has with it, so if I could just get that answer out of the way first it might make my days ahead alot easier B) Thanks in advance as always Dihce
  2. I found a new wallpaper I would like to use for Summer, however its really light in color so its really hard to read the txt on the homescreen, is there a registry or xml edit I can do to change it to make it darker? I know the html number I need for the color I want but I don't know where to plug it in at.thanks in advance! :-)Dihce
  3. Dihce

    **Back To The Future**

    I love that "Change Ringtone" screen shot has "Ice Ice Baby"..... yes... change that out! LOL! Great looking theme though! I'll have to install it just for geek cred! :D
  4. Dihce

    Sure Type keyboard

    Try holding down the * key, it usually brings up a list allowing you to pick xT9 setting
  5. I'm the envy of all my co-workers with this one! I put this one together, and with the shadow, since I always slide it up to read txts, it's really geeky! Autobots! Transform!! *sound* __Transformers.mp3
  6. hey all, I love playing with the Templates that the camera has pre-installed, I was wondering where to get more/how to make more? I have some pretty funny Ideas for them, but I wouldn't even know where to begin.. Simple google searches aren't really helping me much in downloading new ones, so I was hoping you all would have some idea atleast how to make them if not find some pre-made ones elswhere... thanks in advance as always Dihce
  7. Just got my Shadow a couple of months ago and it's the first phone I've had with a decent sized screen for web browsing.Currently Im just browsing Myspace and this page off and on but I would like to get some inputs of some cool or just good sites for mobile browsing.
  8. Dihce

    MP3s for alerts

    That did it! thanks! I didn't remember doing that before the reset, but Im good to go now!
  9. Recently I got fed up with the V-tap program taking away T9X away from apps and also the MMS freeze up and did a hard reset.... Now the real issue... I have some really cool ringtones that I was using for various alerts (New Txt mainly) and it was in the MP3 format, however, now that I've done the reset I can't use it anymore! I'm not sure if I had added a different program before the reset that might have gotten wiped out, but the Appunlock didn't restore the feature and I don't really know what other changes I had done. if anyone knows how I can restore that it would be GREAT! otherwise I'll have to deal with some crappy ones I have still :( Thanks in advance as always! Dihce
  10. Dihce

    Text messages

    to shut the ringer off before it's done just tap the volume key either up or down, it seems to work for me but I've also got a short tone for try messages. either way give that a shot next time :-)
  11. what Spending limit? are you with T-mobile America? if so are you on Flex pay or Smart access? Sorry I read that from my phone and was thinking you didn't want to have a spending limit for ringtones and such.... nevermind carry on :(
  12. Dihce

    Keeps freezing up....

    So after you shut down the process it unfreezes? Yeah I was about to call tech support but I already know what they were gonna want me to do, and honestly I'm not too sure that it would fix it anyway, just frustrate me because I'll have to re-do all my settings
  13. Dihce

    Headphone adapter

    Yeah, unfortunately you'll have to buy one separately
  14. when in the menu look all the way at the bottom, should be a option to send via MMS
  15. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue. But it seems that whenever I send a picture, especially if straight from the camera, my phone locks up a couple of things.. primarily the Task manager and message center. If it were just the Message Center it wouldn't be too bad, but when I can't get into the Task Manager to shut it down it sucks because it take 5 minutes for the phone to reboot. Another time I've noticed it locking up is when I reply to a picture.. I think it's just anytime an MMS is involved honestly. I try and keep as much resources available as possible, so I'm closing down most programs (Media Player, Browser, and Google maps) soon after I'm done with them so I'm completely stumped as to why this is happening... Thanks in advance for any advice/options you can give Dihce

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