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  1. This is already asked hundred times, and answered hundred time... Please try to read!
  2. Oke sounds also cool. Only tried 2 times already updating without wipe and ended up wiping the device to make it work correct. Was missing several apps and got fc's. After wipe everything was perfect again.
  3. will you make the kernel as a separate download/flash? just flashed yesterday your tripndroid as i prefer that one more than cm9
  4. I have no echo and the one on other line also not. Tested on receiving call and on making call... They hear me good and i hear them good. Tested inside house, outside house and in car (with Bluetooth carkit)
  5. I don't have... (European hox unbranded) Tried cm9 007 and tripndroid 003
  6. LOL 4 hours seriously? use titanium backup (premium) i have 194 apps and restoring those incl data takes only a couple of minutes. Im using nova launcher that restores my homescreen settings and icons. Only thing left is setting up my google account. setting up lockscreen, toggles setttings and choosing ringtones and notification tones...
  7. I don't have any problems with 007 using my parrot ck3100 every day...
  8. Yes after wipe everything works perfect now, without wipe i lost 21 out of 194 apps
  9. Wipe is required else you will get conflicts with installed apps. Lost alot of apps and reinstalling with TB wasn't possible so i did a full wipe and i have to say i restored all my app without any problems or fc's. So i advise to wipe when installing 007
  10. Awesome news!!!!! Had messed up yesterday my hox and did a revert to stock and locked to update radioand flashed afterwards the cm9 (cause i couldn't wait for the update.) now im glad i can update without wipe
  11. Everyone else can install this, except you.... So i think that the problem is not this rom :)
  12. Congrats with ajax, exciting league but they deserved it, the others were messing around the last couple of games.
  13. Here it is if you like it...
  14. something went wrong, can't delete this post.. sorry

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