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  1. Pigo

    Costumizing our phone

    Dude.... that anybody remembers that! yeah that is my phone. Friend of mine is full of envy and wants to airbrush her Tytn 2 so I'll keep this updated. Pigo
  2. I recently had my new Touch airbrushed and having in mind my Vario which I had engraved.... I started to wonder.... Are there any more people here that have had their phone customized ("pimped" for the younger audience ;))????? Here's my phone
  3. or people like me... get the kaiser as my main phone and the LG as my second ;) Pigo
  4. Looks great but wonder what the nummeric keypad did for the thickness of the phone. would be very surprised if it's the same as the HTC touch Pigo
  5. I was on the HTC Europe website a couple of minutes ago and to my surprise the WM 6 Upgrade for our beloved P4350 was the latest news! I'm downloading it as I'm typing this... can't wait! Windows Mobile 6 for all... :) Pigo
  6. Pigo

    WLM doesn't wanna install

    ow dear.... it worked! I'm very very greatfull mr fuego sir :-D any idea why this one works and the rest doesn't? thanks again. Pigo
  7. hi I've been going crazy!! ben using the old messenger again and it was making me go bonkers because of the way it displays incoming messages. so I was longing for windows live messenger again. so tried reinstalling it but'couldn't get it installed downloaded another one... same thing tried another one... installation failed again!! every file I try gets me this!!! does anybody know why? Pigo
  8. Pigo

    HTC Herald Wiki

    can anybody tell me the hard reset procedure for the P4350 I've tried cam-button + comm-button & power button do get the three color screen but a blank bar where my software button options should be. can somebody help me out? Pigo
  9. I've gotta say... I really love this device. I've had id since day one of te dutch release. (somewhere in december 2006) and today will be the first time I need to do a hard reset. It's getting sluggish from all the crap I did to it! on my wizard a hard reset was really normal. every month or so (if i was lucky) i had to hard reset it. didn't mind untill the p4350 came around. no problems with: paint chipping, slide-out keyboard getting loose, all kinds a software problems or loosing my stylus!!! just imagin.... I loved my wizard.... but the p4350 is soooooooo much beter!!! Pigo
  10. Pigo

    Changed The Keyboard Noise

    Cool.... was allready planning this. Gonna take a sound from a movie this week! anybody seen "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"? remember the sliding door sounds.... funny as hell!! well that's gonna be slide in/out sound. Pigo P.S. unless anybody objects I'll post the sounds here somewhere.
  11. Processor speed isn't everything! I've got a Wizard and a Herald. and trust me. the Herald is a lot faster in use. I was doubting between Herald and Tytn. but I don't really need 3G. ok it's a cool gadget but 3G doesn't have overall coverage yet so I don't have internet everywhere. and from what I've heard. WM6 makes a device speed up! heard some people said their Wizard with WM6 ROM works much faster then their Tytn! and 200mhz equals longer battery life ;) makes me a happy camper! Pigo
  12. Pigo

    4GB SDHC Card for £16.99 (plus delivery)

    As far as I know the Herald also supports the SDHC protocol but it takes Micro SD cards so sadly no micro sd cards of 4gb around for me Pigo
  13. Pigo

    HTC Vox Caught In The Wild!

    Looks like a winner to me! this will atract people who think the buttons of (for instance) a treo/blackberry are to small to handle (me being one of those people). only time will tell... Pigo
  14. Pigo

    Off Topic: The iPhone is official!

    Ok now that looks DAMN! sexy!! I'm hoping to see it in stores soon. Pigo
  15. I know the issues... i was one of the people to complain. but I was just wondering if there have been any updates.... and if not... I don't care! anythin better then what I have now. I have to many people in my list to be able to type normally. whenever I start typing, someone comes online or replies so I have to stop typing. and that was one of the things WLM didn't have a problem with. thanks for the suggestion. I'll have a look. Pigo

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