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  1. I've recently got an HTC Fuze and am loving it. I purchased it because it does have free Wifi. The problem arises that I cannot get Opera to use the WiFi connection for the internet. I've disabled the data connection and installed MoDaCo NoData. I am able to connected to unprotected routers and utalize that connection without a problem, but figure it is a setting within my router or phone that is preventing me from using it on my phone. Any suggestions?
  2. So, my phone has crashed! I was using it. Just received a picture message from a friend, opened it, and hit the back button to return to my inbox. My phone froze. I left it for about 30 seconds, got tired of waiting, so I just help down the power button until it shut off. I tried rebooting and there lies the problem. It does the opening start up and the splash screens (Samsung, 3G, Windows Mobile) then automatically goes back to the Goodbye screen, shows the 'loading' box, and shuts down. It stays connected long enough to my computer to find it for about 3 seconds. I have tried a hard reset. I also thought to install WM 6.1 again, but that requires a connection to the computer. I'm at my wits end what to do....anyone out there can help me? I know my phone is past warranty and am running out of options.
  3. I'm just curious to know if there is a working German Language Pack for the Samsung Blackjack II (WM 6.1) to change the entire system's language into German. If anyone knows where to find one or if you have one can you link to it. Thanks.
  4. I've recently run across the program called "Super Bluetooth Hack" on the internet and was suddenly interested in it. I tried doing the normal install of it on my Blackjack II (Samsung SGH i617) but had no success. I read around, tried troubleshooting, and did some more reading. But, no matter how much I've tried I can't seem to get it to work on my phone. I was wondering if anyone out there had a solution to this problem...or could tell me a program that is the equivalent to this that works on the Blackjack II. THANKS!
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