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  1. Thanks all for the advices! My greatest concern was about compatibility, but it seems to be an non-issue. Also... What's this "Bluetooth Registry Tweak" you talk about?
  2. Hi there, I'd like your advice on choosing a stereo headset to use with my VOX. So, here are some questions: How good is the sound quality? Can I use a bluetooth headset to listen music? What about battery life? Compatibiliy... I've spotted some nice headsets from Moto and Nokia. Will they work on my VOX? Do you recommend any specific brands? Also, how else can I pimp my VOX? I'm already planning to upgrade my SD card, but what else can I use with it? Thanks! PS. Sorry my poor english, I'm not a native speaker :)
  3. HTC site seems to belive that my brazilian S710 S/N is invalid... HTC has a factory here at Brazil, and my phone was manufactured there... Actually it's model number is S711, but as far as I can tell it's identical to the regular S711. :-(
  4. Just installed on my Vox. Running at 252Mhz without any issues until now. Seriously, the phone is much more usable now. HTC should ship the phone running at 250MHz from the factory!
  5. Fantastic! Just installed it on my HTC Vox. Woking perfectly!
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