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  1. Everytime I try to open a ROM using PicoDrive (v0.051) the screen will go black, and then PicoDrive will just dissappear and go back to my file explorer. I'm using the Tgetfile. Maybe its cuz i have the T-mobile DASH (excalibur)? PocketNester basically does the same thing.
  2. i shouldnt even get into it, its 2:18 AM. but i think this is the most intelligent/elegant smartphone to ever be manufactured. everyone go have fun with your mini-SD card tucked under your battery, type some nice long emails with T9 (if not T9, please don't forget that cute little keyboard at home), watch a nice and tiny movie on that vertical screen (or turn your phone sideways- you loook so tech savvy!!), and at lunchtime- entertain all your friends with that super-loud mono speakerphone to play your tunes. get with it people, this is an extremely functional design. this phone makes that samsung I300 look horrible. this will be my smt5600 replacement.
  3. I have an ATT, audiovox SMT5600. Have had it for almost a year now? And its been almost a perfect phone. Paid to get it unlocked from Florin months ago. Today I had the bright idea of backing up my ROM image. I followed the instructions, using Teratermpro and backed up my original ROM on the storage card. The phone rebooted afterwards, started up just fine. Then i reset it again, and the prompt came up to download the Image from my SD card. I figured, what the hell, if its my original ROM image it should be fine. So i just did it to test, and hit "yes" to put the rom image on. Once again, this is my original ROM image and have never upgraded or downgraded, EVER. Now my phone decides it wants to stay in the Canary screen every time it starts up. I've tried numerous times to download my original rom from the card, but all i get is: FORMAT BINFS success. Checksum Error! and nothing happens. So now i've gone and downloaded the Cingular ROM for SMT5600. Used WinHex, bought a storage card reader. Formatted the card with the new ROM, and i still get the SAME exact results. Is my phone fried? It doesn't seem like it should be...i didn't think that i did anything really truly that drastic.
  4. ahh, gotcha! thanks a lot, looks like i'll be doing this....since i don't wanna deal with payphones and calling cards. :D
  5. I am going to australia in 2 weeks, and if possible, i would like to do the following: 1. SIM unlock my AudiovoxSMT5600 via Florin 2. Purchase a Pay as you Go SIM card while in australia probably from Vodafone (possible?) 3. Use the phone while i'm there to make calls to other Australian phone numbers, just as if i lived there.
  6. i know there was software for this release about a year ago, it must not have been successful or something. you entered in how many minutes you had each month, and what time your weekends/nights started etc. and it would let you know how many you have used so you could keep track of your usage.
  7. I remember seeing a program that you enter your cell phone plan with how many minutes you have each month, and then it lets you know how many you have used, etc. etc. i can't find it anywhere! any help appreciated, thanks! Joe
  8. Called 15 different ATT stores today in search of a Audiovox SMT 5600, and found ONE in Santa Monica that had 2 in stock!! I have STILL been using the original Orange SPV that I ordered almost 2 years ago from ebay up until now. The battery is being held onto the back with scotch tape, bunch of beach sand stuck in the screen, the IR port stopped working, and the vibrator no longer works. SPV has been through numerous skateboard bails, 2-month backpack trip in Hawaii, getting drunk and dropping it everywhere, etc. etc. etc. Its been through a lot. I drove through 2 hours of L.A. traffic, parked in a spot that said "ATT Wireless customers do not park here, you WILL be towed", and spent $340.00 including tax USD on the phone. (i am on a pay as you go, so i had to buy the phone retail). Made it out quick enough to not get towed, and played with it the whole drive home. DAMN this phone is good. The battery life is incredible, its fast, it looks good, i have no problems yet whatsoever. Windows Media Player 10 is awesome, it has a full library just like on the PC- and it also displays the album cover which i truly enjoy for some reason. I'm going to keep my original SPV just as a sentimental artifact, its cool to know I was one of the few people in my entire country to have one in it's lifetime. 8)
  9. About 2 months ago I posted that I ordered an unlocked SPV E200 from some guy in the U.K. , very excited about it. Well I wired him the money ($311.00 USD) as soon as I could, and i've been getting the runaround since then. He says he shipped it through Royal Mail, and finally gave me the tracking number a month after he supposedly sent it... I tried to track it through the Royal website and it says they have no records of that tracking number. He claims that Royal Mail must have lost it or something, and that he has called them and they have no idea where the phone is. So then he tells me that Royal is going to reimburse him the money, and he is going to send me another phone. Well, its been 3 weeks since he said that and is not responding to me emails once again. I've been very sincere and calm about the whole transaction, but now I'm just going to assume I'm being ripped off. The problem is that I live in California and I have no idea how I would go about getting my money back. I have all the emails printed out and proof of my wired bank transaction. The auction was on Ebay, but I never WON the auction. I emailed him and asked if he would close the auction early, and do the transaction that way. So I have no hopes for Ebay's help- im assuming. I have been an SPV user for a year now, and my original SPV is almost gonna die on me and need a new phone!! If ANYONE has any suggestions for me it would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks! Joe p.s., all i have is his full name, ebay name, email, and bank information.
  10. But what about PDA's? If i'm not mistaken they still do the same thing, and they have nothing to do with network providers. As far as optomizing the OS, wouldn't Microsoft have the most knowledge on how to do so since they created the platform to begin with?
  11. Why is it that with PDA's and Smartphones the manufacturers are responsible for the updates? Im guessing its probably so the manufacturers can use/create random hardware to work with the phone. Shouldn't smartphones be like our computers- where it doesnt matter WHAT pc we buy, we can always get the OS updates from Microsoft. At least Microsoft's updates WORK. (::cough:: E200 ::cough::D
  12. http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=90926&highlight=
  13. The best idea would be for it to come with the phone as a CD...which would install activesync etc and you could CHOOSE whether or not you want the software wizrds or not. Why not have the option?
  14. Yes I know WE may not think so since we are such computer nerds and what not, But what about the average user? Maybe people in the U.S. aren't as technically savvy as they are over in Europe, but your normal consumer will find MS smartphone difficult to figure out. For example, my ex girlfriend bought the MPX200 because I told her she NEEDS to. She thinks its cool and all, but she's not the smartest when it comes to computer stuff. I think it would be good if MS made some type of "easy mode" or something of the likes, filled with wizards for setting up email and what not. The wizards could actually be run by software on the computer itself, and through activesync it would fill in the information automatically. (such as setting up email, alarm clock settings, ringtones, homescreen backgrounds, etc. etc. etc.). The wizard would setup the phone, and then there would be software on the computer still in which it would guide you through transferring MP3's, ringtones, pictures, etc. etc. Many people will find using Explorer a bit dull and not user-friendly. I'm talkin' something with visuals and cool graphics to walk them through it... A lot of people here in the U.S. have actually taken their MPX200's back because it was too "complicated" for them. May sound stupid, but like i said- not everyone is as cool as us. :)
  15. Ok, i made this thread a while ago, now i'm going to make an actual petition and have it sent to Macromedia. I need help, so can someone do a small, official sounding write-up, as far as whats to be asked from Macromedia? I really don't know anything about programming so I would just sound like an idiot.
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