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  1. Hi All Got my HD2 today, just having a play :D I have put all my ring tones from my HD into Device/my documents/my ringtones. I put in 6, all mp3 all worked on the HD but only 1 of them shows in the ringtone menu on HD2. Any ideas please
  2. O2 shops have a great offer on the Nextlink Invisio G5 headset, claimed to be the smallest in the world. http://www.nextlink.to/content/us/invisio%...nvisio%C2%AE_g5 They are marked in different O2 shops anything from £39-59. If you ask them to check the price they come up on the till at £14.64!! Even the salesman did not know they were this cheap! Not sure how long they will last at this price Works great with my HD very small and confortable to wear. B)
  3. No problem with my HD with Orange rom, Got message yesterday morning to say updated time for daylight saving.....
  4. You wil find if it let you buy maps via home 1.5 they will be the old ones. The new aps can oly be bought via home 2.0 and this will not let you buy them for the HD.
  5. Probably a stupid question, but I dont know much about the different types of data etc. On No Data on my TYTN II It lists: Orange GPRS Orange Internet Orange MMS Orange WAP On My HD it only lists: Orange Internet Orange MMS Orange Wap Is this right? I dont want to end up with a bill for data, I have a 250mg data package.
  6. When I went to australia last year I bought a Telstra sim card. They are the main phone company in Australia. I bought my sim on Ebay before going. Not sure about data as I sed wifi.
  7. Not sure if T-Mob are the same as Orange but at the end of my contract I ask Orange to transfer my number to PAYG this is done free with a replacement sim. When I have had the Payg a few days I take out my new contract with Orange and then transfer my number back to the new contract. Done this the last three years no problems.
  8. I only want a twelve month contract. their price £49.99 no cashback
  9. I found a link from Quidco to Mobileexpress.co.uk the prices seem very good, has anyone dealt with them? The offer I was looking at is: Touch HD £14.99 Dolphin 40 £40 per month 600mins 500texts Twelve month contract £50 rebate from Quidco.............. Any thoughts on this offer? B)
  10. I use a krusell case and bike mount. Both great quality. Some good prices on Ebay.
  11. Just checked my points, lost 3k on my Tytn and over 1000 on my Dell :D
  12. I have synced both my tytn and dell today, both said sucessfull but would not show points balance.........
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